2021 Top Propane Retailers overcome new challenges

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When faced with the challenge that was 2020, propane marketers surveyed for this year’s LP Gas Top Propane Retailers rose to the occasion – and, in some cases, rose through the ranks.

After moving up the list for five consecutive years, Energy Distribution Partners (EDP) enters the Top 10 this year. EDP’s most recent acquisition – Campora Propane of Stockton, California – is its largest to date.

Acquisition strategies also contributed to year-over-year gallon growth for Superior Plus Propane and ThompsonGas, which completed five and eight acquisitions, respectively. The companies maintained their respective No. 5 and No. 6 positions in the overall rankings this year.

For these companies and many that appear in our rankings, managing the coronavirus crisis went hand in hand with technological progress.

“COVID-19 created additional challenges in serving all our customers,” says Tristan Warwick, ThompsonGas’ director of executive administration. “Rapid deployment of additional IT resources allowed us to continue servicing our customers in a seamless manner.”

Photo by Nick Bellucco/Superior Plus Propane

Photo by Nick Bellucco/Superior Plus Propane

The technological tools adopted by companies in our listings varied widely and included tank monitoring, routing software and online customer portals. But the end results were largely consistent: operational efficiency, better customer service and safety, say our retailer respondents.

While marketers embrace an increasingly virtual world, they also frame their forward-looking visions in traditional terms – through the concrete contributions of team members and well-being of customers.

“No secrets here,” says Chris DeFilippo, vice president of marketing at Superior Plus Propane, when asked what contributed to the company’s successes in 2020. “Just hard work and dedication every single day from our drivers, technicians, customer service reps and everyone else putting in their best efforts.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by many propane retailers across the country. Find out more about their efforts, and browse the national, multi-state and single-state rankings, below.


Table: LP Gas Staff



Table: LP Gas Staff

AmeriGas Propane
Location: King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
Phone: 610-337-7000
Founded: 1959
Owner: UGI Corp.
2020 FY retail gallons: 1,078,000,000
Outlets: 1,800; States: 50
Customers: Over 1,500,000
Employees: 6,500; Bobtails: 2,400; Transports: 900
Officers: Hugh Gallagher, president & CEO; Anthony Rosback, VP & COO; Ann Kelly, VP, finance & CFO; Troy Fee, VP, HR & strategic initiatives; Andrew Little, VP, supply & logistics; John Lee, VP, financial operations & planning; David Ritts, CIO; Chris Cook, VP, marketing, growth & retention; Craig Dadamo, controller & CAO; Paige O’Dell, VP, customer engagement; Warren Patterson, VP, commercial operations and sales; Michelle Bimson Maggi, VP, law
Operations managers: Stuart Arnold, operations VP, eastern division; James Palkovic, operations VP, western division

Location: Overland Park, Kansas
Phone: 913-661-1830
Founded: 1939
Owner: Publicly held
2020 FY retail gallons: 638,017,000
Employees: 3,945
Officers: James E. Ferrell, chairman & CEO; Jordan B. Burns, VP & general counsel; Brian W. Herrmann, interim CFO; Mark J. Tucker, chief sales officer; Tamria A. Zertuche, COO
Operations managers: Tim Sayers, VP retail operations; Marcin Grucela, region manager, east; Richard Mayberry, region manager, central; Megan Sharp, region manager, west

Suburban Propane Partners
Location: Whippany, New Jersey
Phone: 973-887-5300
Founded: 1928
Owner: Publicly held
2020 FY retail gallons: 402,900,000
Outlets: 700; States: 41
Customers: 1,000,000
Employees: 3,169; Bobtails: 1,049; Transports: 11
Storage volume: 22,000,000 gallons
Acquisitions: 2 (1,400,000 gallons; 1,600,000 gallons)
Officers: Michael A. Stivala, president & CEO, member of the board of supervisors; Michael A. Kuglin, CFO & CAO; Steven C. Boyd, COO; Douglas T. Brinkworth, senior VP, product supply, purchasing & logistics; Neil E. Scanlon, senior VP, information services; Daniel S. Bloomstein, VP & controller; A. Davin D’Ambrosio, VP & treasurer; Bryon Koepke, VP, general counsel & secretary; Keith P. Onderdonk, VP, operational support; Michael A. Schueler, VP, product supply; Francesca Cleffi, VP, HR; VP area operations: Daniel Boyd, Arthur Tate, Thomas Ross, Gregory Boyd

Table: LP Gas Staff


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21st Century Energy Group
Location: New Castle, Pennsylvania
Phone: 800-922-5454
Founded: 1962
2020 FY retail gallons: 7,595,000
Outlets: 6; States: 4


Anderson’s Propane
Location: Hindsville/Harrison, Arkansas
Phone: 870-741-2893 • Fax: 870-365-7335
Founded: 1988
Owners: Doug Anderson; Rhonda Anderson
2020 FY retail gallons: 15,750,000
Outlets: 7; States: 2; Customers: 35,250
Employees: 46; Bobtails: 40; Transports: 6
Storage volume: 1,350,000 gallons

Blossman Gas Inc.
Location: Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Phone: 888-256-7762
Founded: 1951
Owners: Blossman family
2020 FY retail gallons: 106,000,000
Outlets: 75; States: 16; Customers: 185,000
Employees: 925; Bobtails: 230
Acquisitions: 3
Officers: Stuart Weidie, president & CEO; David Reynolds, COO; Frank Parent, CFO; Todd Reinke, CAO
Operations managers: Regional VPs: John Fowler, James Harris, Don James, Scott Prewitt, Scott Sturdivant, Kevin Tobolski

Central Valley Ag
Location: York, Nebraska
Phone: 888-343-0323
Founded: 2003
2020 FY retail gallons: 9,667,694
Outlets: 4; States: 3; Customers: 4,356
Bobtails: 12
Storage volume: 1,330,000 gallons
Officers: Carl Dickinson, president & CEO; Don Swanson, CFO; Jeff Ingalls, SVP energy

CHS Inc.
Location: Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
Phone: 800-232-3639
Founded: 1929
2020 FY retail gallons: 105,000,000
States: 44; Employees: 10,500
Transports: 375
Officers: Adam DeLawyer, VP of propane
Operations managers: Andy Ernst, marketing manager; Directors: Tyler Kelly, supply; Dennis St. Aubin, sales, West; George Lipford, sales, East; Scott Pearson, propane risk & asset development; Ben Lyden, trading

Co-Alliance Cooperative Inc.
Location: Avon, Indiana
Phone: 317-745-4491
Founded: 1927
Owner: Farmer-owned cooperative
2020 FY retail gallons: 28,467,770
Outlets: 31; States: 4; Customers: 21,425
Employees: 58; Bobtails: 29; Transports: 2
Storage volume: 1,242,000 gallons
Officers: Kevin Still, president & CEO; John Graham, EVP, CFO; Todd Masten, VP, energy
Operations managers: Mike Hayden, Chuck Boyd, Don Stoner, Dan Eveland

Country Visions Cooperative
Location: Reedsville, Wisconsin
Phone: 920-754-2240
Founded: 1923
2020 FY retail gallons: 6,848,218
Outlets: 14; States: 2; Customers: 9,000
Employees: 25; Bobtails: 15; Transports: 1
Storage volume: 608,000 gallons
Officers: Carl Kiedrowski, propane division manager
Operations managers: John Leurquin, propane operations manager

DCC Propane LLC
Location: Roberts, Illinois
Phone: 217-395-2281
Founded: 1976
2020 FY retail gallons: 76,000,000
Outlets: 56; States: 14; Customers: 80,000
Employees: 500; Bobtails: 206
Transports: 10
Storage volume: 5,375,000 gallons
Acquisitions: 4
Officers: Matt Dantinne, CEO; Ron Snyder, COO; Dan Curry, senior VP, finance
Operations managers: Matt Geer, corporate development director; Mike McLeod, VP, performance; Brad Brooks, strategic sourcing director; Regional managers: Tim Brown, Darryl McPherson, Jim McSweeney, Eric Payne, Bryan Summers; Area managers: Bill Hickey, Erik Parker

Dead River Co.
Location: South Portland, Maine
Founded: 1909
2020 FY retail gallons: 62,000,000
Outlets: 59; States: 4; Customers: 105,000
Employees: 1,200; Bobtails: 160
Acquisitions: 2
Officers: Deanna Sherman, president & CEO; Casey Cramton, COO; Charlie Hahn, CFO; Guy Langevin, CAO; Jeremy Young, chief corporate development officer

Delta Liquid Energy
Location: Paso Robles, California
Phone: 805-239-0616
Founded: 1936
Owner: Platz family
2020 FY retail gallons: 14,776,501
Outlets: 9; States: 5; Customers: 16,470
Employees: 120; Bobtails: 38; Transports: 9
Storage volume: 1,799,752 gallons
Officers: D. Frank Platz, CEO; William Platz, president; Cynthia Belmont, VP, administration; Robert Jacobs, VP, business enterprises; Phil Comstock, VP, retail operations

Diversified Energy LLC
Location: Boone, North Carolina
Phone: 828-266-9800
Founded: 2000
Owner: NC EMCs
2020 FY retail gallons: 10,285,000
Outlets: 10; States: 4; Customers: 21,600
Employees: 76; Bobtails: 38; Transports: 3
Storage volume: 778,000 gallons
Officers: Kirk Bailey, president & CEO; Marilyn Oakes, HR, safety, insurance; Stephanie Johnson, accounting/finance
Operations managers: Area managers: Tom Curry, Tony Johnson, Doug House; Andy Daughtrey, operations coordinator, area manager

Eastern Propane & Oil
Location: Rochester, New Hampshire
Phone: 603-332-2080
Founded: 1932
Owner: Charles V. Clement III
2020 FY retail gallons: 46,700,000
Outlets: 15; States: 5; Customers: 91,000
Employees: 487; Bobtails: 120; Transports: 5
Storage volume: 2,538,000 gallons
Acquisitions: 1
Officers: Charles V. Clement III, chairman & president; Thomas Manson, CEO; Charles V. Clement IV, CTO; Meghan Anderson, CCO; Barbara Labonte, CFO; Robert Young, COO; Denis Gagne, senior VP, supply & acquisitions; Kathy Ford, senior VP, business systems; Josh Anderson, VP, sales & marketing; Timothy Condon, general counsel & VP, HR & risk management; Mark Stone, VP information services; Bob Lefebvre, VP supply; Penney Mabey, assistant VP, customer care; Mike Gagne, assistant VP, fleet; Diane Brown, assistant VP, finance & controller; Greg Krise, assistant VP sales; Kathy Donlon, assistant to the president
Operations managers: Regional managers: William Massey, New Hampshire east & Maine; Brandt Lambert, New Hampshire central; James Blake, Massachusetts & Rhode Island; District manager: Mark Limoges, New Hampshire west & Vermont

Enderby Gas Inc.
Location: Gainesville, Texas
Phone: 940-665-3457
Founded: 1945
Owner: Jim Bishop
2020 FY retail gallons: 6,116,055
Outlets: 7; States: 2; Customers: 14,000
Employees: 100; Bobtails: 29; Transports: 33
Storage volume: 762,000 gallons
Officers: Jim Bishop, president; Betty Jarrell, secretary
Operations managers: Max Eubanks, manager, supply & distribution; Chad Gregg, branch manager, Krum, Bowie & Gainesville; B.B. Reedy, branch manager, Sherman & Princeton; Boyd Sanders, branch manager, Paris; Alan Gibbons, branch manager, Marietta, OK

Energy Distribution Partners
Location: Chicago
Phone: 312-254-5950 • Fax: 312-559-5106
Founded: 2012
2020 FY retail gallons: 96,500,000
Outlets: 42; States: 11; Customers: 160,000
Employees: 566; Bobtails: 245;
Transports: 25
Storage volume: 6,026,466 gallons
Acquisitions: 2
Officers: Thomas Knauff, president & CEO; Boyd McGathey, executive VP & COO; Mark Janek, executive VP & CFO; David Stroupe, executive VP, corporate development
Operations managers: Regional VPs: Jim Harbert, Rob Ragle, Jay Werner

Campora Propane, a 75-year-old marketer with 10 locations across northern and central California and Nevada, sold to Energy Distribution Partners in late 2020. Photo by EDP employee

Campora Propane, a 75-year-old marketer with 10 locations across northern and central California and Nevada, sold to Energy Distribution Partners in late 2020. Photo by EDP employee

Top 10: Multi-year streak continues

Energy Distribution Partners (EDP) breached the Top 10 after rising through the ranks almost every year since it entered our listing in 2014. The company launched in 2012 with a robust acquisition strategy.

Please Fill Out The Following Fields.“Since EDP’s founding in 2012, our focus on acquiring high-quality propane operations has propelled our growth,” says Tom Knauff, CEO of EDP. “We are pleased to now be recognized by LP Gas as one of the country’s largest propane marketers.

“Despite 2020 being a challenging year, we continued to execute on our expansion plans and, in fact, closed on our largest transaction to date, Campora Propane. In 2021, we look forward to assisting other propane marketers who are contemplating their exit strategy.”

Federated Co-ops Inc.
Location: Princeton, Minnesota
Phone: 763-389-2582
Founded: 1942
Owner: Federated Co-ops Inc.
2020 FY retail gallons: 30,661,000
Outlets: 21; States: 2; Customers: 38,000
Employees: 74; Bobtails: 54; Transports: 7
Storage volume: 1,550,000 gallons
Officers: Craig Mold, president
Operations managers: Mike McMahon, CEO; Mark Grave, director of energy

Growmark Inc.
Location: Bloomington, Illinois
Phone: 309-557-6000
Founded: 1927
Owner: Agricultural cooperative
2020 FY retail gallons: 242,772,262
States: 17
Officers: John Reifsteck, chairman of the board; Jim Spradlin, CEO
Operations managers: Carol Kitchen, VP, energy and logistics; Dan Pannier, manager, propane operations; Mike Norris, manager, propane supply; David Rich, propane marketing & technical services manager

Herring Gas Co. Inc.
Location: Meadville, Mississippi
Phone: 601-384-5833
Founded: 1946
Owner: Herring family
2020 FY retail gallons: 13,000,000
Outlets: 21; States: 2; Customers: 40,000
Employees: 188; Bobtails: 69; Transports: 5
Storage volume: 1,800,000 gallons
Officers: Edward G. Herring, chairman of the board; Joseph E. Herring, president; Tommy Smallwood, VP; Colby Bass, CFO
Operations managers: Dwayne Miller, Troy Marcukaitis, Eddie Loyed, Chris Hamilton Sr.

Photo courtesy of Lakes Gas

Photo courtesy of Lakes Gas

Lakes Gas Co.
Location: Wyoming, Minnesota
Phone: 651-379-3276
Founded: 1959
Owner: Sargeant family
2020 FY retail gallons: 63,500,000
Outlets: 48; States: 4; Customers: 90,000
Employees: 275; Bobtails: 130
Transports: 4
Storage volume: 8,400,000 gallons
Officers: Trent Hampton, CEO; Steve Sargeant, VP, operations; Steven Savitz, CFO; Tony Buck, VP, safety & supply
Operations managers: Dave Anderson, north division; Steve Forristall, central division; Roger Varilek, west division; Aaron Huizenga, east division; Chris McGuire, business development; Jake Schanus, sales manager

Landmark Services Cooperative
Location: Cottage Grove, Wisconsin
Phone: 800-236-3276
Founded: 1933
Owner: Member-owned cooperative
2020 FY retail gallons: 17,505,400
States: 2; Customers: 11,000
Employees: 280; Bobtails: 17; Transports: 3
Storage volume: 960,000 gallons

Marsh LP Gas
Location: Greeneville, Tennessee
Phone: 423-639-7226
Founded: 1966
Owner: S.W. Marsh & family
2020 FY retail gallons: 7,102,000
Outlets: 6; States: 4; Customers: 16,000
Employees: 52; Bobtails: 18; Transports: 4
Storage volume: 360,000 gallons
Officers: Chris Marsh, president & CEO
Operations managers: Larry O’Bryant, Rick Smith, Ben Raby, Kevin Cretsinger, Justin Graham, Grey Wells

Please Fill Out The Following Fields.Matheson
Location: Warren, New Jersey
Phone: 908-991-9200
Founded: 1926
Owner: TNSC
2020 FY retail gallons: 19,694,000
Outlets: 220; States: 42; Customers: 49,000
Bobtails: 80
Storage volume: 1,789,000 gallons
Officers: Scott Kallman, president & CEO
Operations managers: Roland Ostrowski, VP, packaged gases; David Bertelsen, national propane product manager

Meritum Energy
Location: San Antonio
Phone: 210-876-3559
Founded: 2015
Owner: Meritum Energy GP
2020 FY retail gallons: 17,000,000
Outlets: 25; States: 9; Employees: 265
Acquisitions: 4
Officers: Chris Hill, CEO; Rob Chalmers, CFO; Tom Van Buren, COO; Michael Schmell, eastern operations COO

MFA Oil Co.
Location: Columbia, Missouri
Phone: 573-442-0171
Founded: 1929
Owner: Farmer-owned cooperative
2020 FY retail gallons: 103,000,000
Outlets: 110; States: 8; Customers: 290,000
Employees: 530; Bobtails: 225
Storage volume: 9,200,000 gallons
Acquisitions: 1 (Simmons Energy Solutions)
Officers: Jon Ihler, president & CEO; Jeff Raetz, CFO; Janice Serpico, CHRO; Kenny Steeves, senior VP, operations; James Greer, senior VP, supply & transportation; Curtis Chaney, senior VP, retail; Ed Harper, VP, enterprise risk management; Tami Ensor, corporate secretary
Operations managers: District managers: Mike Whitney, Barry Oden, Luke Fitzpatrick, Andy Hays, Trevor Honeycutt, Jeff Goodwin; Tom Procter, director of safety and maintenance; Robert Burlbaugh, director of field training and procedures

Milton Propane
Location: Milton, Wisconsin
Phone: 800-822-8046
Founded: 1967
Owner: John Arndt
2020 FY retail gallons: 8,900,000
Outlets: 6; States: 3; Customers: 13,000
Employees: 38; Bobtails: 19; Transports: 4
Storage volume: 550,000 gallons
Officers: John Arndt, president & CEO
Operations managers: Meghan Showen, corporate office manager; John Arnoldussen, corporate branch manager; branch managers: Doug Fondriest, Kyle Henke, Trevor Pinnick, Scott Arverson, Dale Medema, Walt Wingo

Paraco Gas
Location: Rye Brook, New York
Phone: 800-647-4427 • Fax: 914-251-9444
Founded: 1968
Owner: The Armentano family
2020 FY retail gallons: 65,409,632
Outlets: 28; States: 8; Customers: 120,000
Employees: 420; Bobtails: 99
Transports: 12
Storage volume: 1,604,000 gallons
Acquisitions: 2 (F M Popovich & Sons and Advantage Propane/1,300,000 gallons)
Officers: Joseph Armentano, CEO; Christina Armentano, EVP; Kevin Watson, CFO; Jeff Ruffner, EVP operations
Operations managers: Jeff Palen, general manager, northeast/northwest regions; Robert Pearce, general manager, Long Island region

Sharp Energy Inc.
Location: Georgetown, Delaware
Phone: 302-316-7000
Founded: 1981
Owner: Chesapeake Utilities Corp. (CPK)
2020 FY retail gallons: 32,000,000
Outlets: 12; States: 5; Customers: 53,000
Employees: 186; Bobtails: 64; Transports: 5
Storage volume: 4,120,000 gallons
Acquisitions: 1 (Western Natural Gas/1,000,000 gallons)
Officers: Andrew Hesson, VP; Steve Farkas, director of operations; Eric Mays, director of marketing; Teresa Gretencord, director of administration; Ron Patrick, director of assets & facilities; Thad Dixon, director of business development

Southern States Cooperative
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Phone: 804-281-1000
Founded: 1923
Owner: Independently owned farmers cooperative
2020 FY retail gallons: 65,000,000
Outlets: 64; States: 6; Customers: 125,000
Employees: 2,000; Bobtails: 186 Transports: 5
Storage volume: 3,200,000 gallons
Officers: Jeffrey Stroburg, president & CEO; Tommy Didlake, CFO; Steve Becraft, COO; Tracy Amburgey, EVP, energy division
Operations managers: John Schatz, manager, energy operations; Gregg Pugh, manager, training & quality compliance

Superior Fuel Co.
Location: Duluth, Minnesota
Phone: 218-722-2050
Founded: 2006
Owners: Ryan Gunderson, Robert Hall and Joe Stariha
2020 FY retail gallons: 9,395,130
Outlets: 5; States: 3; Customers: 14,982
Employees: 131; Bobtails: 18; Transports: 3
Storage volume: 710,000 gallons
Officers: Robert Hall, CEO; Ryan Gunderson, president; Joe Stariha, CFO
Operations managers: Michael Bodine, VP of operations; Josh Alpuerto, operations manager; Cody Jones, sales manager

Photo by Nick Bellucco/Superior Plus Propane

Photo by Nick Bellucco/Superior Plus Propane

Superior Plus Propane
Location: Rochester, New York
Phone: 855-804-3835
Founded: 1922
2020 FY retail gallons: 220,400,000
Outlets: 151; States: 23
Employees: 2,100; Bobtails: 710
Transports: 67
Acquisitions: 5
Officers: Andrew Peyton, president; Andy Desmann, VP, finance; James Devens, VP, operations; Tommy Manion, VP, operations; Russ Porowski, VP, sales; Marc Schoone, VP, operations support; Doug Harris, VP, HR; Chris DeFilippo, VP, marketing
Operations managers: General managers: Sean Andersen, Dan Dixon, Bob Lewis, Mike McCormack, Larry Stocks, Dan Stowell

ThompsonGas LLC
Location: Frederick, Maryland
Phone: 800-768-6612
Founded: 1946
2020 FY retail gallons: 130,700,000
Outlets: 134; States: 22; Customers: 238,000
Employees: 875; Bobtails: 474; Transports: 35
Storage volume: 13,000,000 gallons
Acquisitions: 8
Officers: Jeffery Kerns, president & CEO; Jim Davis, EVP & COO; Scott D. Miller, EVP & general counsel; Scott Jackson, EVP & CFO
Operations managers: Derek Ashmore, RVP North; Andy Wise, RVP South; Benny Gay, VP, ops support; Merle Edington, VP, ops support; Larry Young, senior VP, ops support; Dan Carrigan, VP, business development; Jon Loeb, VP, sales & marketing; Rob Hollasch, VP, finance; John Stone, VP, IT; Jennifer Jarboe, senior VP, HR

Top acquirer reaches new height

Photo courtesy of ThompsonGas

Photo courtesy of ThompsonGas

ThompsonGas’ acquisition strategy continues to set it apart. In 2020, ThompsonGas acquired eight companies, the highest number of acquisitions reported in our survey.

The company achieved Top 10 status in our 2019 rankings, at No. 9, and rose to No. 6. in the past two years.

It attributes its gallon gains in 2020 to not only its acquisition strategy but also organic growth and enhanced efficiencies attained through technology, despite the difficulties brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

ThompsonGas expects more of the same in 2021, says Tristan Warwick, director of executive administration: “We are following the same plan – organic growth coupled with acquisition activities, combined with seeking efficiencies and providing safe services to all our customers.”


Table: LP Gas Staff

Belgrade Cooperative
Location: Belgrade, Minnesota
Phone: 320-254-8231
Founded: 1928
Owner: Jeff Koehler
2020 FY retail gallons: 4,800,350
Outlets: 2; States: 1; Customers: 2,400
Employees: 25; Bobtails: 5; Transports: 2
Storage volume: 150,000 gallons
Officers: Mark Walsh, chairman; Jeff Koehler, general manager; Kent Carda, CFO
Operations managers: Jessica Jones

Please Fill Out The Following Fields.Buster Brown Propane
Location: New Caney, Texas
Phone: 281-689-3946
Founded: 1972
Owner: Janice Peterson
2020 FY retail gallons: 3,900,000
Outlets: 4; States: 1; Customers: 10,000
Employees: 26; Bobtails: 10
Storage volume: 90,000 gallons
Officers: Janice Peterson, president; Mark Peterson, VP; Matt Peterson, secretary
Operations managers: Matt Peterson

Buster’s Propane LLC
Location: Corpus Christi, Texas
Phone: 361-852-8161
Founded: 1970
Owner: Brody Newton
2020 FY retail gallons: 1,300,000
Outlets: 1; States: 1; Employees: 6
Bobtails: 3
Storage volume: 44,000 gallons
Officers: Brody Newton, president; David Harris
Operations managers: Brody Newton, Jody Keys

CoEnergy Propane
Location: Redmond, Oregon
Phone: 541-504-9444
Founded: 2001
2020 FY retail gallons: 3,189,000
Outlets: 2; States: 1; Customers: 6,000
Employees: 26; Bobtails: 8; Transports: 1
Storage volume: 150,000 gallons
Officers: Bryan Adams, president
Operations managers: Regional managers: Hondo Henry, Cory Hart

Cole Oil Co.
Location: Lomira, Wisconsin
Phone: 920-269-4542
Founded: 1921
Owners: Tom Cole, Tony Cole, Traci Cole
2020 FY retail gallons: 8,404,000
Outlets: 3; States: 1; Customers: 8,250
Employees: 24; Bobtails: 15; Transports: 1
Storage volume: 458,000 gallons
Officers: Tony Cole, president; Tom Cole, VP; Traci Cole, VP
Operations managers: Nick Tasch, branch manager; Craig Tillema, branch manager; Mike Holzmann, service manager; Steve Schill, operations manager

Crystal Flash Inc.
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Phone: 800-875-4851
Founded: 1932
Owners: Employee owned
2020 FY retail gallons: 22,600,000
Outlets: 14; States: 1; Customers: 29,000
Employees: 270; Bobtails: 50; Transports: 7
Storage volume: 1,000,000 gallons
Officers: Tom Olive, CEO; Randy Gehrke, COO; Charles Kroll, CFO; Doug Beverage, CIO; Brad Morrill, CXO
Operations managers: Tai Ly, director of operations; Craig Broekhuizen, director of transportation

Deiter Bros.
Location: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Phone: 610-868-8566
Founded: 1929
Owner: James A. Deiter; James G. Deiter
2020 FY retail gallons: 1,350,000
Outlets: 2; States: 2
Employees: 47; Bobtails: 5
Storage volume: 60,000 gallons
Officers: James A. Deiter, president; James G. Deiter, VP; Operations managers: Robert Vishnesky

D.F. Richard Energy
Location: Dover, New Hampshire
Phone: 603-742-2020
Founded: 1932
Owner: D.F. Richard Family Trust LP
2020 FY retail gallons: 10,665,000
Outlets: 1; States: 2; Customers: 15,000
Employees: 63; Bobtails: 12
Storage volume: 390,000 gallons
Officers: Robert Richard, president; Richard Card, CEO; Ryan Jackson, COO; Linda Nye, CFO
Operations managers: Ryan Card

Draeger Propane
Location: Antigo, Wisconsin
Phone: 715-623-7667 • Fax: 715-623-3028
Founded: 1995
Owners: Joseph Draeger, Larry Schmoll
2020 FY retail gallons: 3,700,000
Outlets: 2; States: 2; Customers: 5,000
Employees: 15; Bobtails: 6; Transports: 3
Officers: Joseph Draeger, owner/president; Larry Schmoll, co-owner
Operations managers: Josh Schmoll

Empire Gas Co. Inc.
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Phone: 787-751-5725 • Fax: 787-751-9904
Founded: 1966
Owner: Ramon González Cordero
2020 FY retail gallons: 90,000,000
Outlets: 54; States: 1; Customers: 3,000
Employees: 600; Bobtails: 100
Transports: 100
Storage volume: 14,000,000 gallons
Officers: Ramon González Cordero, president, COB & CEO; Ramon R. González, VP, CFO; Ketty González, VP, COO; Horacio Martinez, corporate comptroller; Jose Sisco, corporate general director
Operations managers: Jose Sisco, corporate general director

Farmers Union Oil Co.
Location: Lake Bronson, Minnesota
Phone: 218-754-4300
Founded: 1935
Owner: Cooperative
2020 FY retail gallons: 1,300,000
States: 1; Customers: 1,100
Employees: 5/propane; Bobtails: 3
Storage volume: 60,000 gallons

Galway Co-op
Location: Galway, New York
Phone: 518-882-5445
Founded: 2006
Owner: Michael Casadei
2020 FY retail gallons: 7,000,000
Outlets: 1; States: 1; Customers: 18,000
Employees: 24

Photo courtesy of Lakes Gas

Kemgas Propane
Location: Fort Bragg, California
Phone: 707-964-4774
Founded: 1936
Owners: Joshua Kemppe, Charles Kemppe
2020 FY retail gallons: 3,000,000
Outlets: 3; States: 1; Customers: 7,500
Employees: 22; Bobtails: 8; Transports: 2
Storage volume: 114,000 gallons
Officers: Joshua Kemppe, president; Charles Kemppe, COB; Kim Kemppe, treasurer
Operations managers: Brian Rodgers, field operations manager

Martindale Propane Inc.
Location: New Holland, Pennsylvania
Phone: 717-354-6255
Founded: 1992
Owners/officers: Glenn Zimmerman, Joyce Zimmerman
2020 FY retail gallons: 4,271,623
States: 1; Customers: 10,282
Employees: 12; Bobtails: 14
Storage volume: 360,000 gallons

McAdams Propane Co.
Location: Center, Texas
Phone: 717-354-6255
Founded: 1996
Owner: Billy Bob & Lisa McAdams
2020 FY retail gallons: 3,400,000
Outlets: 6; States: 1; Customers: 6,100
Employees: 37; Bobtails: 12
Storage volume: 224,000 gallons
Acquisitions: 1
Officers: Billy Bob McAdams, president; Joshua McAdams, VP; Lisa McAdams, CFO
Operations managers: Chance Allen, director of retail operations

Modern Gas Co.
Location: Rock Rapids, Iowa
Phone: 800-616-0483
Founded: 1988
Owner: Greg Popkes
2020 FY retail gallons: 4,091,940
Outlets: 1; States: 3; Customers: 2,000
Employees: 30; Bobtails: 6; Transports: 2
Storage volume: 463,000 gallons
Officers: Greg Popkes, president
Operations managers: Katie Ranney

Moore Propane LLC
Location: Falls Creek, Pennsylvania
Phone: 814-299-7073 • Fax: 814-299-7078
Founded: 2013
Owners: Earle M. Moore, Alan E. Moore, Linda D. Moore
2020 FY retail gallons: 2,800,000
Outlets: 2; States: 1; Customers: 4,000
Employees: 12; Bobtails: 6
Storage volume: 120,000 gallons
Officers: Alan E. Moore, president; Linda D. Moore, EVP; Earle M. Moore, general manager
Operations managers: Randy Kengersky, operations manager; Chrissy Horner, customer service manager

Please Fill Out The Following Fields.Northern Star Cooperative Services
Location: Deer River, Minnesota
Phone: 218-246-8296
Founded: 1922
Owner: Member-owned cooperative
2020 FY retail gallons: 8,556,100
Outlets: 7; States: 1; Customers: 13,000
Employees: 27; Bobtails: 15
Storage volume: 600,000 gallons
Officers: James B. Peterson, chairman; Victor Williams Jr., vice chairman; Travis Anttila, secretary treasurer; Bradley Box, CEO
Operations managers: Patrick Bleth; Nicole Osse, office manager/corporate secretary; Brenda Hendrickson, credit manager

Northwest Propane
Location: Carrollton, Texas
Phone: 972-247-6121 • Fax: 972-241-2555
Founded: 1946
2020 FY retail gallons: 6,081,029
Outlets: 4; States: 1; Customers: 13,200
Employees: 44; Bobtails: 18; Transports: 6
Storage volume: 530,000 gallons
Officers: Jay B. Wood, president; Tim L. Wood, VP; Jerry L. Hatzfeld, secretary treasurer
Operations managers: J. Ben Wood

Pacific States Petroleum Inc.
Location: Concord, California
Phone: 800-679-1700
Founded: 2001
Owner: Kevin Maddox
2020 FY retail gallons: 2,000,000
Outlets: 7; States: 1; Customers: 13,000
Employees: 165; Bobtails: 5
Storage volume: 30,000 gallons
Officers: Kevin Maddox, president; Chuck Phelps, vice president; Jason Edwards, general manager

Platform Fuel Distribution Holdings LLC
Location: Oklahoma City
2020 FY retail gallons: 5,750,000

Premier Cooperative
Location: Mount Horeb, Wisconsin
Phone: 608-437-5536
Founded: 1893
2020 FY retail gallons: 15,800,000
Outlets: 7; States: 1; Customers: 18,000
Employees: 33; Bobtails: 28
Storage volume: 800,000 gallons
Officers: Matt Severson, CEO
Operations managers: Tim Lease, energy division manager

Quality Propane Inc.
Location: Clinton, Connecticut
Phone: 860-669-4277
Founded: 1992
Owners: Jonathan Malazzi, Andrew Malazzi, David Malazzi
2020 FY retail gallons: 5,100,000
Outlets: 2; States: 2; Customers: 9,600
Employees: 46; Bobtails: 15; Transports: 2
Storage volume: 240,000 gallons

Reliance Propane & Fuel Oil
Location: Toledo, Ohio
Phone: 419-473-1374
Founded: 1932
Owners: Jim and Tracie McVicker
2020 FY retail gallons: 1,500,000
States: 2; Customers: 3,200
Employees: 23; Bobtails: 6
Storage volume: 90,000 gallons

State Line Gas Service Inc.
Location: McKnightstown, Pennsylvania
Phone: 717-752-6094
Founded: 1995
Owner: James J. Leaman
2020 FY retail gallons: 1,090,000
Outlets: 1; States: 2; Customers: 4,000
Employees: 5; Bobtails: 4
Storage volume: 30,000 gallons
Officers: James J. Leaman, president
Operations managers: Anita K. Leaman, office manager

Thermotane Propane
Location: Sanford, Florida
Phone: 407-322-5854
Founded: 1947
2020 FY retail gallons: 1,148,000
Outlets: 1; States: 1; Customers: 4,200
Employees: 28; Bobtails: 5
Storage volume: 60,000 gallons
Officers: Chandler J. Robertson, president
Operations managers: Martina Varela, controller

United Cooperative
Location: Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
Phone: 920-887-1756
Founded: 1936
2020 FY retail gallons: 12,500,000
Outlets: 12; States: 1; Customers: 19,500
Employees: 28; Bobtails: 24
Storage volume: 900,000 gallons

Valley Energy Services LLC dba Valley Propane & Fuels
Location: Dansville, New York
Phone: 877-480-3067
Founded: 2013
Owners: Saunders Energy Holdings LLC
2020 FY retail gallons: 15,700,000
Outlets: 2; States: 1; Customers: 7,600
Employees: 32; Bobtails: 7; Transports: 1
Storage volume: 120,000 gallons
Officers: William C. Pfeiffer, president
Operations managers: Bill LaVallee, general manager

Valley Farmers Supply
Location: Worden, Montana
Phone: 406-967-3100
Founded: 1938
Owners: Cooperative
2020 FY retail gallons: 1,850,000
Outlets: 4; States: 1; Customers: 2,453
Employees: 23; Bobtails: 5
Storage volume: 138,000 gallons
Officers: Scott Black, CEO; Brad Sullivan, energy director

Williams Energy Group
Location: New Bern, North Carolina
Phone: 252-288-3021
Founded: 2005
Owner: Privately held
2020 FY retail gallons: 6,650,000
Outlets: 8; States: 1; Customers: 13,550
Employees: 47; Bobtails: 26
Storage volume: 811,000 gallons
Officers: John Robert Mattocks, president & CEO; Donnie Bullock, VP, operations
Operations managers: Billy Foust, partner/branch manager; branch managers: Rene Gaines, Tim Jenkins, Tommy White, Michael Glover, Kevin Sweeney

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