3 ways documentation data can quantify compliance

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Using a safety documentation system to organize critical forms like safety inspections and leak checks is an industry best practice that has been adopted by propane marketers across the country. A safety documentation system is critical to meet regulatory codes, maintain compliance and keep office personnel and technicians in the field on the same page.

But did you know that your safety documentation can offer a snapshot to quantify compliance performance? There are several data points hiding in your safety documentation that can showcase how proactively and efficiently your team has been maintaining compliance.

Safety inspections: Electronically storing safety inspections in a safety documentation database keeps a running record of all safety inspections completed in the field. When safety inspections are automatically stored in a database, management teams can see how technicians in the field are performing in real time, and any errors can be flagged and corrected right away. You can track the number of new safety inspections and analyze your team’s success rate for accuracy and completeness.

Leak checks: Your safety documentation system can also help present how proactive your team has been at getting accurate leak checks on file. Can you identify locations for which you have a good leak check on file and which need a follow-up? You can use leak-check data to keep tabs on what percentage of your customer base has a good leak check on file.

Photo documentation: A safety documentation system that uses photo documentation is a valuable tool that protects your company from risk. When tank-set photos are sent into your database, your team can review them right away, identify any follow-up needs, track those follow-ups and document resolutions. Photo documentation also supports real-time customized coaching and training and provides examples for future training.

The next time you are reviewing safety documentation, consider how these data can quantify compliance and evaluate your team’s performance.

Alex Burns is the vice president of the P3 Compliance System division of P3 Propane Safety. Contact her at alex_burns@p3propanesafety.com.

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