Alliance AutoPropane partners with Canada-based Maxquip

June 24, 2016 By    

Rock Boulianne and Marquis Grégoire Jr., co-presidents of Alliance AutoPropane Inc., signed a long-term agreement with Maxquip to make it a distributor of propane autogas conversion equipment in the Alliance AutoPropane network.

Alliance AutoPropane formed in 2013 in Quebec, Canada, and is a member of the Alliance AutoGas network. The company converts gasoline-burning vehicles to propane/gasoline through its partner centers. Maxquip, which is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, formed in 2002 and has been a supplier of alternative fuel equipment for the past 10 years.

“With this partnership, we want to work together to promote conversion to hybrid propane/gasoline systems on a national scale,” says Boulianne, in a company statement. “Our parts will benefit from Maxquip’s excellent distribution network, and we can offer consumers accessible and affordable systems.”

According to Alliance AutoPropane, the agreement will accelerate the deployment of its network of self-service stations, with 19 stations already operating in Quebec. The company adds that this number is expected to grow to a total of 30 stations between now and 2017.

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