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April 2022: Propane sales by end-use sectors

April 7, 2022 By    

Each month, LP Gas provides updates on the U.S. propane market, as well as the latest trends. The data for April 2022 reviews the end-use sectors in the 2020 Annual Retail Propane Sales Report from Frost & Sullivan and the Propane Education & Research Council.

Stock information for Ferrellgas and Suburban Propane is also provided.



Summary Information of Total U.S. 2020 Retail
Propane Sales by End-Use Sectors

Category Residential Commercial Industrial
Agriculture Cylinder
Propane sold (Mn gallons) 5,086 2,198 263 978 326 589 9,440
Total accounts 12,280,081 1,123,672 124,414 440,726 319,526 236,592 14,525,010
Gallons per account 414 1,956 2,111 2,220 1,019 2,490 650
Sector share of total sales 54% 23% 3% 10% 3% 6% 100%

Source: Annual Retail Propane Sales Report (2020), Frost & Sullivan, Propane Education & Research Council

Commentary: This table shows total U.S. retail sales and the corresponding number of retail accounts and average gallons sold per account. In 2020, the survey indicated about 12.28 million total residential accounts and about 2.24 million propane accounts in the other sectors. The residential sector accounted for more than half of all retail propane gallon sales.


Company 12-month chart
(as of March ’22)
Price (3/24/22) Current Yield 52-Week Low 52-Week High YTD Price
Ferrellgas – FGPR Ferrellgas - FGPR $16.75 N/A 10.00 25.34 14.0%
Suburban Propane – SPH Suburban Propane – SPH 15.68 8.4% 13.83 16.39 7.0%

Source: Company data, FactSet and Wells Fargo Securities LLC (SPH); Yahoo Finance (FGPR)

Featured photo: traffic_analyzer/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

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