Arro Autogas, Expo Propane open propane autogas station near LAX

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Arro Autogas, a division of Delta Liquid Energy and provider of propane autogas throughout California, partnered with Expo Propane to open a propane autogas refueling station near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The self-service station is open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week to allow shuttle buses, ride-share vans and other alternative fuel fleets in and around the airport to refuel. In January, a full-time attendant will be on site every Saturday to fill barbecue cylinders, forklift cylinders, recreational vehicles, patio heaters and other propane-powered equipment, according to the companies.

Expo Propane, which operates six propane autogas fuel stations in Southern California, owns the lease to the LAX-area property. It provides the propane and the tank for the station whereas Arro Autogas provides the fuel-dispensing equipment and the fuel management software.

Users of Arro Autogas’ Prokee fuel management system may use the station any time. In addition, Expo Propane’s customers may now use Prokee to refuel at any of Arro Autogas’ 16 stations throughout California.

“LAX is such a major hub for California drivers, and there are so many propane vehicles that service the airport,” says Arro Autogas Market Manager Ted Olsen. “Up until now, there has never been a 24/7 propane autogas station to provide refueling services in this busy, high-traffic area.”

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