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The brutal winter serves as a reminder to improve Posted on 22 Apr 2014 in the Current Issue categories.

Fundamental solutions for the propane customer, marketer The silver lining in adversity is lessons are learned and people become stronger by overcoming the challenge. Certainly this past winter presented ample... Read more»

Turnaround tips for the propane industry Posted on 25 Feb 2014 in the Current Issue categories.

Have we hit bottom yet? Industry leaders must step forward to initiate our turnaround. This sobering question about our future, posed above, needs to be asked after a report from... Read more»

The industry can thwart threats by banding together Posted on 11 Dec 2013 in the Current Issue categories.

In the early 17th century, German Lutheran theologian Rupertus Meldenius coined the phrase “In essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; in all things, charity.” As true today as it was then,... Read more»

Overcoming IT system implementation challenges Posted on 08 Oct 2013 in the Current Issue categories.

Information technology (IT) projects are one of the most dreaded challenges facing propane business owners and executives. Read more»

Build business through delivery, appliances and service Posted on 16 Jul 2013 in the Current Issue categories.

The delivery of propane to a tank by itself cannot meet the consumer’s need. Read more»

Leadership sets the standard for a trusting work environment Posted on 02 May 2013 in the Current Issue categories.

Creating a healthy company culture is a complex challenge for both small and large propane marketers. Read more»

Propane marketers wield power necessary to remove barriers Posted on 05 Mar 2013 in the Current Issue categories.

The defining question of our time is: What will it take to grow the propane industry? Read more»

Time to refocus on the residential market Posted on 14 Jan 2013 in the Current Issue categories.

Reversing the propane industry’s 25 percent gallon decline over the last 10-plus years is getting a lot of attention. Read more»

Summer’s most important priority Posted on 01 Jul 2007 in the Current Issue categories.

Every business - regardless of size - needs to stop from its busy daily schedule in order to reflect on its performance and to plan for the future. It's simply good business to periodically ask yourself, How are we doing? What can we do better? What are our goals? Read more»

Bobtail efficiency: a marketer’s edge Posted on 01 Dec 2005 in the Current Issue categories.

The subject of bobtail efficiency is always relevant to propane marketers. Educational sessions on any aspect of this subject have no problem attracting attendees and interest. Read more»