Autogas dispenser boasts skidded, modular design

January 24, 2024 By    

The V-C3H8 autogas dispenser by Alternative Fueling Solutions is designed to be compact and easy to load, transport, set up and operate. It is durable and modular, transforming from a 320- to a 2,000-gallon vessel in minutes. The powder-coated 3-in. steel tube frame supports slidable components, like the motor/pump base plate, the steel protective forklift sleeves and the center console, encasing the explosion-proof boxed register and fuel management center. Also protected behind steel plating is the Coriolis meter that measures mass, density, temperature and flow. The dispenser is suitable for off-grid and utility operation and features Wi-Fi or cell cloud communication, RFID recognition, variable frequency drive, Euro nozzle with breakaway, 24 gpm turbine pump, bolted leveling system and slide-in wheels for easy positioning.

Photo courtesy of Alternative Fueling Solutions _ skidded autogas dispenser

Photo courtesy of Alternative Fueling Solutions

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