Canadian Propane Association sponsors HGTV show

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The Canadian Propane Association (CPA) is sponsoring the second season of HGTV Canada’s show, “Rock Solid Builds,” to help tell propane’s story and how it plays an important role in the everyday lives of Canadians.

According to the CPA, “Rock Solid Builds” is the No. 1 new Canadian show on Specialty.

“Rock Solid Builds” returns Thursday, Jan. 27, at 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and Pacific Standard Time. According to the CPA, third-generation builder Randy Spracklin and his team will once again be working with Newfoundland and Labrador’s rugged terrain and harsh weather to tackle difficult renovations and new builds.

“The partnership with HGTV Canada is part of the CPA’s ongoing efforts to highlight the advantages of low-emission propane and help consumers better understand how it is an important energy source wherever they live,” says Allan Murphy, CPA interim president and CEO. “Like so many Canadians, we are big fans of the show. We believe this is a unique opportunity for viewers to see how propane is energy for all by providing an affordable, low-emission and accessible energy option for Canadians.”

In the show, propane powers Spracklin’s forklift, which is used for tasks such as transporting shipments, getting supplies in and out of his shop, and moving snowplows around in the winter, the CPA says.

“My crew and I are excited to use our platform to raise awareness and support for the CPA,” Spracklin says. “Propane is integral to moving our business ahead, and we look forward to championing it in new and authentic ways in season two of Rock Solids Builds.

The CPA is sponsoring the show itself with closed caption billboards promoting the propane advantage. Its sponsorship also includes custom in-show propane integrations as well as discussing propane in a general conversation.

The campaign is comprised of advertising on “Rock Solid Builds” and HGTV Canada’s web pages as well as custom-branded content on the website focused on the benefits of propane, in addition to social media promotion, the CPA says.

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