Complete thorough system leak checks

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System leak checks are required whenever an interruption of service takes place to ensure there is no leakage within the propane system. Interruption of service can include any of the following:

  • Installation, replacement or addition of a container, meter, appliance, regulator or piping.
  • The container or meter is shut off for the season.
  • The container or meter is shut off for even a short period.
  • The container runs out of gas.

In addition to interruption of service, a leak check must be performed any time a propane odor call is received, or if a leak is otherwise suspected.

Benny Gay

It is good policy to perform a leak check anytime one occupant moves out of an existing installation location and a new one moves in, even if there is no indication that service has been interrupted. These calls also provide you an opportunity to ensure that your customer understands how to recognize the odor of propane and what to do when the odor is detected.

Always document your leak check, including beginning and ending gauge readings, start and end times, and customer acknowledgement of work performed.

Leak checks are among the most important tasks we perform. They must be completed accurately and thoroughly to ensure the integrity of the propane system and the safety of the customer. Consult NFPA 54 and 58 for detailed information and instructions on performing a leak check.

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