Blossman distributing European-style nozzle in U.S., Canada

December 10, 2014 By    

Blossman Services Inc. announced that it is now a distributor of Staubli‘s UL-certified GPV14 LP gas nozzle, which is available in U.S. and Canadian markets.

According to Blossman, the nozzle is lightweight, ergonomic and as easy to use as a standard gasoline nozzle. The risk of mishandling the nozzle is minimized, the company adds. It fastens to the vehicle through a snap or quick connect. Vehicles must be retrofitted with a connector to fit the nozzle; a nozzle-vehicle adapter is also available. No gloves or protective eyewear are required when using the nozzle, the company says.

“It’s a huge difference in what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to the user,” says Tucker Perkins, chief business development officer for the Propane Education & Research Council, in a press release.

Stuart Weidie, president of Blossman and its partner company, Alliance AutoGas, adds that the Staubli nozzle emits 0.4 cubic centimeters (cc) of fuel, a reduction of 1.5 cc compared to the current Acme nozzle, when disconnecting.

Learn more about the U.S. propane industry’s look into European-style technology here.

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