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Exosent Engineering Low Center of Gravity transport, Southeastern Showcase adExosent Engineering’s Low Center of Gravity LP gas transports provide users with a significantly more stable trailer to drive down the road. The transport design lowers the center of mass by 12 inches when compared to a traditional vessel of similar capacities. This means that when the trailer is placed on an inclined road, it can be stable for an additional 10 degrees of slope in comparison to a traditional vessel. The transport is 47 ft. long, which increases its maneuverability.

In addition to the increased safety, the trailer also provides a technologically advanced baffling system to reduce excessive sloshing; lower hook up lines to reduce the amount of heavy-hose lifting; a tapered rear tank to reduce fuel consumption per mile driven; a heavy-duty piping protection cage; and a heavy-duty 2G rear bumper with added reinforcement to be used as a pull bumper.

The Exosent Low Center of Gravity transport is one of the safest tankers in the North American market. The design offers users an innovative solution to minimize potential rollover and helps protect the investment.

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