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Fisher LPG Equipment

William Fisher invented the first regulator in 1880. Since then, Fisher LPG Equipment has proven its innovation with valve and regulator products that have set the industry standards for safety and reliability. Fisher’s newest additions include: the Type R222H Compact Residential 1st-Stage Regulator, the Type N563 high-flow railcar emergency shut-off valve (ESV) and the Type 63EGLP bulk storage tank relief valve. All will be on display at Fisher’s booth at the Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo.

The R222H first-stage compact regulator has a 40 percent smaller footprint for tight applications, such as underground tanks or limited space under a dome. It’s designed for customers who require up to 2 MBTU/hr flow rates, FPOL connections, and multiple set-points with an adjustable pressure setting.The 63EGLP provides 40 percent greater flow than manifold style relief valves, offering greater value and tank protection. The N563 provides twice the flow rate capacity of the previous N562 model, which satisfies the requests for faster off-load times from terminal end-users, propane marketers and some upstream suppliers. Fisher LPG Equipment includes pressure regulators, relief and ESV shut-off valves and internal valves for propane, anhydrous ammonia and natural gas liquids.

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