Fuel distribution system helps boost efficiencies

February 15, 2017 By    

rural-computer-systems-240x260In the past 40 years, Rural Computer Consultants Inc. (RCC) has grown to more than 50 employees who support its 2,000 active installations in the U.S., Canada and other countries. RCC’s Fuel Distribution System (FDS) is full of special modules for small and large businesses. It offers users value, flexibility, profitability and longevity. The system has more than four decades of software development and technical support, and it adapts to users’ needs to help them run business efficiently. It allows for sales-daily work, cash receipts and point-of-sale work. It provides users with customer efficiency reports, credit reports and equipment reports. It also handles file maintenance, service work orders, driver daily logs and mapping. RCC’s Mobile Office on the Go is FDS’ handheld solution for delivery and service work orders.

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