Georgia propane marketer reaches out to local officials, state legislators

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Photo courtesy of Conger LP Gas

An employee-appreciation luncheon turned into much more for Conger LP Gas in Tifton, Ga. Photo courtesy of Conger LP Gas

The National Propane Gas Association’s Propane Days and state association lobbying events aren’t the only ways for the industry to meet with legislators.

According to Dan Richardson, president and CEO of Georgia-based Conger LP Gas, it can be as easy as making a quick phone call and inviting those individuals to a company event.

For almost two months, Conger LP Gas planned to provide its workers with an employee-appreciation luncheon at the University of Georgia’s conference center in Tifton, Ga. Yet, two weeks before the event, Richardson decided to extend the invitation to the company’s board of directors, local city officials and state legislators.

“I wanted these regional representatives to come in and meet the people who make up our propane company,” Richardson says. “We felt like this would be a chance to educate leaders in our community about propane.”

About 40 people outside the company attended the luncheon. Local officials and state legislators sat with Conger LP Gas employees during the event to learn about the benefits of propane. Additionally, a Blue Bird representative showcased a propane autogas school bus outside the conference center to local officials.

Richardson says he already has plans to expand this luncheon next year. He envisions the event will include a lineup of propane appliances to showcase to community members, as well as a Propane Education & Research Council representative to talk about some of its rebate programs. He hopes to invite more than 100 policymakers, local officials and community members to the event.

Although Richardson anticipates next year’s event won’t be cheap, he sees the value in expanding the luncheon to a larger crowd.

“This will bring us more goodwill and notice in the community than if I spend that on a newspaper ad,” he says.

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Megan Smalley was an associate editor at LP Gas magazine.

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