GTI Energy honored for technical paper at LPG Week

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A GTI Energy technical paper focused on its Cool LPG technology earned the “Best Presentation” award at the World LPG Forum’s inaugural Global Science Conference during LPG Week 2023.

The Global Science Conference focuses on scientific developments related to production technologies and pathways of renewable, recycled and sustainable liquid gases most relevant to the LPG industry.

GTI Energy’s Cool LPG technology converts biogas, or bio-syngas, into renewably sourced, green LPG. It can provide a drop-in renewable fuel for heating, cooking and transportation with a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional LPG.

In 2021, GTI Energy entered into an exclusive global licensing agreement with BioLPG and its United Nations-backed NGO affiliate, the Global LPG Partnership, to bring the technology to market.

The technical paper highlighted the technical accomplishments of the Cool LPG technology and its potential to decarbonize the LPG industry. The paper was jointly authored by a team of GTI Energy experts, including Pedro Ortiz-Toral, Patrick Littlewood, Terry Marker, Michael Bradford, John Whitehouse, Megan Herrera and Darryl Hino.

James Rockall, CEO of the World LPG Association, presented the award to Ortiz-Toral during LPG Week 2023 in Rome.

GTI Energy is an Illinois-based research and training organization that works to scale solutions in the energy transition by leveraging gases, liquids, infrastructure and efficiency.

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