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In the Know is a monthly partnership between LP Gas magazine and Propane Resources. Our focus this month is on the Propane Expo, addressed by financial consultant Tamera Kovacs.

Q: What were your first impressions of Nashville as a new Propane Expo host city and what did you learn about attendees on the show floor?

A: Change is something that causes many people to experience the negative feelings of fear, dread and anxiety. Other people see change as an opportunity to seek new adventures.

This year, the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) challenged everyone in the propane industry with change by moving its Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo from the longstanding Atlanta venue to Nashville, Tenn.

From the many and varied conversations with both attendees and exhibitors, the response to the move was overwhelmingly positive.

According to NPGA, more than 4,100 people attended this year’s show – record numbers that were up about 1,000 from last year – with 270 exhibitors set up on the trade show floor.

Nashville is experiencing a growth boom, with more than 80 people per day moving to the city. There were more than 20 cranes across the skyline working to accommodate the rapid growth. The energy of the Propane Expo was a reflection of the city’s energy. Everyone was optimistic and excited, even with Mother Nature throwing many retail propane marketers a curveball this winter.

Nashville as a host city for the Propane Expo was well received with mostly positive comments. Warm hospitality, friendly service and a clean, safe environment were but a few of the many compliments given to the city.

The Music City Center venue also received very similar compliments from both the attendees and vendors. Everyone was enthusiastic about the many opportunities within walking distance to spend time networking and relaxing.

Among all of the compliments given to the host city, there were only two negative comments that could be tied somewhat to the city’s growing pains: the lack of good places for dinner without a two-hour wait and the higher cost of hotels. Yet, in the same breath, it was said that it was nice having a choice of hotels in close proximity to the events.

The energy and excitement was overwhelmingly positive on the show floor. The conversations seemed to have a common theme of growth and opportunity. While the theme was the same, the individual focus was specific to each person’s goals.

As with any change, the move to Nashville forced attendees to change their routines. I once had a business development person say he never takes the same route twice because if he did he would miss opportunities. The same is true for this year’s change in venue. With the focus on growth and an increase in retailer and vendor attendance levels, there seemed to be an increase in industry business, partnerships and fellowship.


Tamera Kovacs is a financial consultant and industry expert in business valuations and sales with Propane Resources. She can be reached at or call her at 913-262-0196.

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  1. Isaac Enio says:

    The show and city definitely did not disappoint. We are most certainly looking forward to next year’s show.