In the Know: The Propane Expo’s move back to Atlanta

March 13, 2018 By    

In the Know is a monthly partnership between LP Gas magazine and Propane Resources. Our focus this month is on technology, addressed by consultant Cooper Wilburn.

Q: In April, the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo will move back to Atlanta. What are Propane Resources’ thoughts on the move?

A: When the NPGA Southeast Show moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in 2016, many people were excited about a new location and looked forward to a new atmosphere. While many people were excited, some retailers were upset due to the need to travel farther to attend the show. Attendance was still high. However, it will be interesting to see if Atlanta can sustain the 4,000-plus attendance numbers from Nashville. The last time Atlanta hosted the show (2015), attendance was just under 3,100. This growth in attendance came during two years with warm winters. So, it didn’t come from retailers having extra money in their pockets like they should this year. The growth was likely attributed to the new atmosphere and different attractions outside of the show. Nashville offers live music, good restaurants and is a fairly walkable city. While Atlanta does have museums, restaurants, shopping and other amenities, there are only so many times you can visit the World of Coca-Cola, the CNN Center or the Georgia Aquarium. This year everyone has experienced a colder-than-usual winter, which should mean more money in retailers’ pockets. It will be interesting to see if retailers want to spend that money to attend the show in Atlanta.

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