In the Know: What is the impact of the midterm elections

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What impact could midterm elections have on the propane industry?

A: This year’s midterm elections are a lightning rod for attention and dividing lines.

Major political issues have polarized the parties and turned every legislative discussion into a “red” or “blue” choice. The division proves there is little middle ground available.

Every action has a reaction. It may not always be immediately apparent, but it is there. Interestingly, no side is right all of the time, every time.

When one side shares ill feelings toward the other, it’s blinding to the good that has happened in the country. When one side doesn’t listen to the other’s concerns, it only sets the stage for further gridlock at the state or national level because neither side finds motivation to move forward.

One thing is guaranteed in this environment where nothing gets done: The everyday person loses in the deal.

If the Republicans hold the House and Senate, then look for further deregulation over the next two years. If the Democrats take the House, look for nothing to happen over the next two years as they likely will not have the votes to push their own agenda through. However, they will be able to slow the Republican agenda.

What we need from the midterms is for common sense to prevail.

If we learn anything from the midterms, it’s that every state should send its best and brightest to Washington, D.C., to enact legislation that will grow our economy in a way that helps us today and sets it up for success in the future.

Jeff Thompson is a supply and risk management expert at Propane Resources.

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