Indiana creates propane autogas school bus grant

August 20, 2015 By    


The Indiana Office of Energy Development (IOED) created a grant program for public school districts in the state to help them purchase propane-powered school buses.

The IOED reported it built a pool of $300,000 to provide public school districts with grant money for autogas buses. To qualify for the grant, school districts must own their school buses and purchase a minimum of two autogas buses.

Brad Baughn, director of regulatory and legislative affairs with the Indiana Propane Gas Association, says the association was happy the state built a grant program without much influence from the propane industry.

“I think the big thing that pushed them to create this grant is that there’s significant payback on fuel costs when using propane,” Baughn says. “In the grand scheme of things, $300,000 isn’t a whole lot, but we hope the grant will educate more school districts on the benefit of using propane school buses. It’s a very positive thing for the propane industry.”

Baughn adds he hopes to see propane marketers in Indiana take advantage of this grant by promoting autogas to local school districts.

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