Hazmat truck safety rules altered

November 1, 2002 By    

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has corrected and clarified a number of truck safety rules.

FMCSA has dropped an outdated requirement that hazmat truck operators with dual tires check their tires every two hours or 100 miles to prevent overheating. Improvements in tire technology since it enacted the rule make overheating less likely. Stopping frequently, meanwhile, can increase security risks.

The agency also dropped obsolete references from motor carrier financial responsibility forms and will accept Canadian commercial driver’s licenses as proof of medical fitness to drive in the United States in most situations.

Finally, the agency issued an interim rule requiring states to stop and penalize any interstate motor carriers who haven’t properly registered with FMCSA as a for-hire carrier. The rules require states to stop carriers from operating outside the scope of their registration.

States that don’t enforce the rules can lose their Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program funds. Carriers placed out of service can demand a hearing within 10 days.

Interim rules apply while FMCSA considers public comment for a final rule.

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