LP gas conversion system designed for small engines

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Cavagna Group’s Enerkit line of gas-to-LP gas conversion systems are designed for small engines, such as those in trimmers, blowers, lawn mowers and snow blowers. The conversion systems also apply to freestanding power generators, water pumps and forklifts. Enerkit replaces the carburetor and enables engines to convert to LP gas. In addition, the company says Enerkit provides lower odor emissions, reduced engine maintenance and greater convenience. According to the company, the system falls into two categories: Enerkit Basic and Enerkit Plus. Enerkit Basic, designed for single-fuel two- and four-stroke engines from 20 cubic centimeters to 450 cubic centimeters, is based on an innovative LP gas carburetor. The carburetor is installed between the air filter and the intake manifold, as in the traditional gasoline carburetor. The Enerkit Plus line converts 250-cubic-centimeter to 850-cubic-centimeter four-stroke engines. To power these engines, Cavagna developed mono-fuel and bi-fuel configurations. The mono-fuel system, for installation by OEMs only, integrates the functions of gas supply in the LP gas mixer, eliminating the carburetor and the fuel tank. The bi-fuel configuration, primarily for aftermarket conversions, uses a traditional gas mixer inserted between the air filter and gasoline carburetor.

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  1. luis says:

    im lookig for LPG gas conversion for vtwin Kawasaki FD 750 D can you help me..?