LP Gas magazine increases ability to tell propane industry stories

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We like to tell stories.

You’ll often find success stories throughout LP Gas magazine, whether about a company, an industry leader or a propane market application.

In August, we enjoyed an opportunity to share some of our own success stories at a content meeting hosted by our Cleveland-based parent company, North Coast Media (NCM).

Prior to COVID-19, NCM would host a content meeting annually for editors, digital content producers and graphic designers. This year’s meeting revealed how the company has continued to invest in the content side of our brands, as we’ve also employed talented people in content marketing, web design, data analysis, audience engagement, and marketing and events.

And that’s good for you, the reader. It allows us to uncover and tell your stories in a variety of ways, across various platforms, so the content garners as much attention as possible from propane industry members.

Success stories

I shared with colleagues a 2021-22 success story – our coverage of the industry’s unified environmental messaging campaign that launched in mid-2021.

The Propane Education & Research Council, National Propane Gas Association and state propane associations continue to share the positives about environmentally friendly propane.

However, the success of our coverage, led by senior editor Ellen Kriz, became more than about the industry praise and award recognition that we received. By choosing to create its multimillion-dollar campaign, the propane industry took a giant leap into the high-stakes arena of environmental leadership. That leap launched our consistent coverage of a topic that will certainly shape the industry’s future.

I couldn’t wrap the meeting presentation without a nod to several other successes at LP Gas, with positive impacts on our readers. So far in 2022, we …

  • Reorganized our 2022 Buyers Guide behind the efforts of Emily Adkins, our marketing and sales manager for the directory. We made it more user-friendly for readers interested in learning about propane products, manufacturers and service providers, and equipment distributors. You can always access this online at lpgasbuyersguide.com.
  • Relaunched our Digital Space column, written by Danielle Pesta, our digital media manager. Danielle has been sharing her takeaways from attending PERC’s Energy for Everyone marketing conference in April. This is valuable information to help your business navigate the digital world of marketing and communication.
  • Took advantage of travel, which gives us another outlet to develop content ideas. Danielle proved it with her trip, and Carly Bemer, our managing editor, did so when she attended PERC’s National Education & Training Conference in March. Carly brought back a June cover story on food trucks.

Storytelling best practices

Guest speakers at our meeting shared points for our content creators to consider in telling the industry’s stories. But as you’ll read here, these points also can apply to your businesses.

Here are a few to remember, courtesy of Michelle Park Lazette of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Joan Inderhees of Kent State University:

  • Put your audience first. For us, we’re constantly thinking about you, the propane industry member. You’re constantly thinking about your customers.
  • Tell stories that are original and memorable. That’s what we strive to do at LP Gas. No one knows your company’s stories better than you. Find ways to share those stories with customers.
  • Always endeavor to be timely. We’re working to bring you the stories that matter most. If something important or memorable happens at your company, don’t wait to let customers know about it.
  • A story is also told through images and type. Every part of the page or a piece of content comprises the story. Consider how the audience might engage with it.

As one editor reminded us at the meeting: We have a special opportunity to tell stories. Let’s make the most of it.

Even as you consider ways to share stories with your customers, think about sharing them with us. We’re eager to tell your stories to the propane industry. Reach out to me today.

About the Author:

Brian Richesson is the editor in chief of LP Gas Magazine. Contact him at brichesson@northcoastmedia.net or 216-706-3748.

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