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LPG Spotlight: McMahan’s Bottle Gas

March 9, 2020 By    

Since purchasing McMahan’s Bottle Gas in 1979, Joe and Rosie Buschur have become strong advocates for the propane industry.

Photo courtesy of McMahan's Bottle Gas

Photo courtesy of McMahan’s Bottle Gas

Their advocacy – particularly regarding outreach to state and national governments and policymakers – has evolved considerably in that time, too.

When Joe attended his first Ohio Propane Gas Association (OPGA) meeting in 1979, he was asked to run for a director’s position. After serving in that capacity for several years, he eventually went through the chairs at OPGA, prior to ultimately being named vice chairman and chairman of the Midwest Convention Committee.

“I was then asked to become Ohio state director to the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA), a position I’ve had for the last 13 years,” he says. “And Rosie has steadily been by my side for decades, both at the state and national level.”

In 2016, the OPGA hired a new management company. As a result, it became more of a marketer-driven association. Due to its more aggressive leadership, the OPGA began to host an annual Propane Days at the Capitol in Columbus, Ohio, offering members an opportunity to meet with their state legislators.

“I’ve found several benefits to these state meetings. Many people are good propane marketers, but they don’t feel comfortable talking to legislators, especially in Washington, D.C.,” Joe explains. “By getting some experience at the state level, members have been able to take the next step, as they’ve seen how effective it is. They now know legislators want to hear from us.”

These recently developed relationships, among propane marketers and state legislators, have been especially helpful, as Ohio is currently attempting to develop a state Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). For nearly 20 years, this council has been discussed, but now propane marketers are finally on the verge of Ohio legislators passing it.

Aside from this success at the state level, Joe and Rosie are positively impacting the propane industry on a national level as well. Since 2008, they have attended Propane Days in Washington, D.C., every year, alongside the entire Ohio delegation. Consequently, the delegation has had an opportunity to meet with aides and legislators at Ohio’s 16 congressional offices, as well as both Senate offices.

So far, the Ohio delegation’s visits to legislators’ offices have resulted in some considerable success stories. In particular, Rep. Bob Latta co-chaired and helped establish the Congressional Propane Caucus. Serving as a forum for the bipartisan engagement of congressional members, the caucus primarily focuses on important issues for propane businesses and ensures members are up to date on industry developments. It is composed of 45 members, seven from Ohio.

“As politicians come and go, we need to continue to establish relationships with new members and nourish the relationships we’ve already built,” Joe says.

To do so, Joe and Rosie have become staunch supporters of PropanePAC, the NPGA’s political action committee, which supports pro-industry lawmakers in Congress. They have, after all, witnessed the importance of enabling the NPGA to establish and maintain relationships with political leaders firsthand.

“Our NPGA staff needs everyone’s support to continue to flourish these relationships,” he adds. “If propane association members aren’t able to attend Propane Days, they can also consider contributing to the PropanePAC since we’ve all benefited from the NPGA’s national success.”

As Joe and Rosie prepare for the future, they have also inspired their sons, Brian and Chris, who have become involved with the NPGA, OPGA and PERC.

“We’ll continue to advocate for the propane industry locally and nationally,” Rosie says. “And hopefully McMahan’s Bottle Gas’ next generation will follow in our footsteps.”


FOUNDER // Don McMahan
OWNERS // Joe and Rosie Buschur
HEADQUARTERS // Dayton, Ohio
ANNUAL GALLON SALES // 1.8 million

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  1. Michael Barry says:

    Well written, however it reads more like Joe’s CV.
    Would be nice to include some of Joe’s story about his business.
    Perhaps some of the lighter side moments of LPG delivery, such as dogs that I have known, the customer from hell etc