LPG Spotlight: Star Gas Products

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In 1975, Richard and Hermine Muellerleile purchased Star Gas Products, a propane retailer based in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Five years later, Richard Muellerleile Sr. partnered with Shohola, Pennsylvania-based LP Cylinder Service, particularly for its ability to refurbish cylinders and vessels. His knowledge about the equipment at that time primarily came from his extensive career in the propane industry. He began working for the Cities Service Oil Co. in 1951 and had served as a Missouri LP gas representative.

Shortly after partnering with LP Cylinder Service, Muellerleile Sr. chose to use more of the company’s services, specifically refurbished tanks, as Star Gas Products shifted its focus from a cylinder delivery company to one that delivers fuel to permanently installed tanks.

Photo by Lisa Cypher

Tank refurbishing offers operational benefits to the Star Gas Products team, says leadership. (Photo by Lisa Cypher)

“Before this evolution, Star Gas Products had changed out 100-pound cylinders while using rack body trucks,” owner Richard Muellerleile Jr. says. “But, due to the shift, the company began to utilize tank truck vehicles as it installed multi-valve tanks.”

Muellerleile Sr., then a National Propane Gas Association Research & Development Committee member, knew the importance of maintaining codes and safe practices on tank inspections. Therefore, he understood just how vital his relationship was with LP Cylinder Service. That relationship has continued to bloom over the past 50-plus years, as Muellerleile Jr. is now at the helm.

“Today, LP Cylinder Service not only provides us tank refurbishing services for our existing cylinders and vessels but also enables us to purchase new and refurbished tanks that it has purchased from other companies throughout the Northeast,” Muellerleile Jr. says. “Additionally, since cylinders’ visual inspections only last for five years from a risk management standpoint, this rate has increased to a full 12-year time frame, as LP Cylinder Service conducts full hydrostatic inspections of our cylinders.”

Muellerleile Jr. advises retailers struggling with their tank acquisition needs to consider the solutions offered by tank refurbishing.

“A tank refurbishing company will provide cylinders and vessels on a regular basis while also offering information on tank manufacturers and new and obsolete valves and fittings,” he says. “And it will provide technical information on purging and inspection practices, which will help retailers as they come across tanks, tank fittings or appurtenances they may have never seen before.”

Muellerleile Jr. reflects on Star Gas Products’ growth over the years. The retailer had one location and eight employees in 1975 but currently has two locations, with another in Kingston, New York, and 25 employees.

With the company’s partners, he says, “we’ll continue to safely, consistently and economically provide the highest professional standard, concerning energy services and products, possible to individuals and businesses in our region.”

Photo by Lisa Cypher

Star Gas Products has expanded from one location and eight employees in 1975 to two locations and 25 employees today. (Photo by Lisa Cypher)

Company profile: Star Gas Products

Year founded // 1947
Founder and owners //  Ike Katzowitz (founder), Richard Muellerleile Jr. (owner)
Headquarters // Poughkeepsie, New York
Bobtails // 10

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