Effective maintenance requires human effort

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Photo: iStock.com/PeopleImages

Photo: iStock.com/PeopleImages

Just before a recent Super Bowl was about to start, the head of the stadium maintenance crew was seen on his hands and knees along the sidelines of the field. Both hands were wrapped with scotch tape, which enabled him to pick up last-minute pieces of dirt and lint from the turf.

When asked why he was going to so much trouble, he simply replied that it was his job to make sure the field was spotless before the game.

Entropy is the predisposition of nature to pull things downward to its lowest state. Equipment needs care in order to stay functional and useful. Grass needs to be cut, weeds pulled and buildings painted. For a business to function efficiently, intentional human intervention is needed to bring order and resist the natural forces of deterioration.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority pumps 8 million gallons of ground water per day from the subway system in New York City to keep the trains running. Without this effort, the city’s transportation system would be paralyzed.

Maintenance in any organization requires human effort to run effectively. As the old saying goes, an empty stable is a clean stable. But if you want the work of an ox and to enjoy an abundant harvest, you’ll have to clean up a mess or two.

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