Manage expectations in the workplace by making agreements

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Photo: Khuankaew

Photo: Khuankaew

Conflicts at work often can be traced to unfulfilled expectations. When we have expectations for people we work with, we may become irritated and disappointed when they fall short of them.

People don’t respond well to expectations, and with good reason: They naturally rebel against expectations because it is an attempt to control and manipulate. Expectations always put the blame on the other person, never ourselves. They become captives of our self-centered attitude towards them.

Steve Chandler – an author of 30 books, master success coach and public speaker – suggests we instead make agreements.

“If you don’t like a situation, go make an agreement,” he says.

For example, if someone is frequently late to meetings, call that person aside and explain the importance of the meeting and how everyone’s input is important. Then, make an agreement with them to come on time. Once an agreement has been made, they are motivated to follow through because they don’t want to break their word.

Making an agreement is creative and always produces mutual respect.

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