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Logo: Marshall Excelsior Co.The ME1000 series internal combination valve by Marshall Excelsior Co. (MEC) is designed to incorporate the full functionality of the primary internal control valve and excess flow protection, followed by a fully integrated positive shut-off downstream valve section, plus incorporation of the stainless steel filter element section of a traditional Y-Strainer, all packed into one unit. It is suited for liquid or vapor withdrawal in LPG dispenser and NH3 nurse tank applications along with emergency liquid withdrawal on stationary and mobile tanks. This valve features a range of excess flow closing springs and the universal tee body design ships complete with the bottom port factory plugged, allowing for plumbing configurations in tight clearance areas.

MEC has expanded the Excela-Flo regulator line with a high-capacity second-stage light commercial regulator, as well as a high-pressure industrial regulator. There are many new stainless steel options available this year including the Versa-Fill bypass valve.

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