NFPA conducting research on sidewall vents

February 12, 2009 By    

The Fire Protection Research Foundation, in association with the National Fire Protection Association and the American Gas Association, is conducting research into the effects of sidewall vented gas appliances on adjacent buildings. An initial study has been completed and is available from the Research Foundation Web site at The next step is to verify that the assumptions used to model vent gas behavior are valid. To this end, this is a request for any information on any incidents or reports of problems or unusual consequences of sidewall vents in areas where homes are close together. Of specific interest are the following symptoms: ice formation on adjacent homes, condensation of water and mildew on adjacent homes or structures and visible plumes from appliance sidewall vents. A response form may be obtained by e-mailing and reporting any incident meeting these criteria. Photographs would be useful to complement the information provided. The information gathered in this study will be used for research purposes only. The data collection will be complete on June 5.

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