Operational failures force major cylinder recall

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The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) issued an emergency recall on all cylinders manufactured by The Lite Cylinder Co. Inc. of Franklin, Tenn.

Based on an investigation of Lite Cylinder’s operations and its production history, PHMSA determined that the company’s cylinders, more than 55,000 in service, present an immediate danger to the public’s safety.

According to a May 24, 2013, letter to Lite Cylinder’s Michael Higdon, PHMSA states in one example that Lite Cylinder failed to report several cylinder failures related to DOT-SP 14562. PHMSA states that one of those cylinders ruptured in New Jersey and damaged a gas grill, as a result of a flaw in the seam. Furthermore, many DOT-SP 14562 cylinders have been returned because of sidewall or bottom leaks that occurred between 2009 and 2012.

Other affected cylinders are DOT-SP-13957 and DOT-SP 13105. In addition, any cylinder requalified under H706 and others manufactured under M5729 are included in the recall.

Lite Cylinder has been instructed to contact all cylinder owners, inform them of the emergency recall, provide instructions on how to discharge materials and assist them in returning cylinders within five days.

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Kevin Yanik was a senior editor at LP Gas Magazine.

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    I wanted to offer some info that all can benefit from since there are a lot of questions surrounding the recent turn of events resulting in the recall of Lite Cylinder LP tanks.

    I am fielding many calls and inquiries daily from consumers who are wondering if the recall effects other composite cylinders and even some asking about steel and aluminum. The answer of course is that the recall is for the Lite Cylinder only.

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    The Clear View LP cylinder by Ragasco marketed by RagascoUSA under DOT SP 12706 has an unblemished safety record and is a worthy replacement for the Lite Cylinder LP tank.

    RagascoUSA, at this time offers a 17lb cylinder that is 12″ in diameter and is 18″ tall. It must be used in the vertical position. We also have a 31lb Fork Lift cylinder that is used in a horizontal position and dispenses liquid propane. Later this year, we will have the smaller 11lb cylinder back in stock as well.

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