Pennsylvania awards 33 grants for alternative fuel vehicle projects

September 8, 2014 By    

The state of Pennsylvania is providing nearly $4 million in Alternative Fuel Incentive Grants (AFIG) to 33 local governments, non-profit organizations and companies making the switch to propane, compressed natural gas (CNG) or electric for medium to lightweight fleet vehicles.

According to a press release, this year’s AFIG grants focused on the conversion or purchase of natural gas vehicles weighing less than 26,000 pounds, as well as the conversion or purchase of electric, propane or other alternative fuel vehicles of any size.

The awarded AFIG grants will help pay for the conversion or purchase of 261 propane vehicles, 274 natural gas vehicles and 23 plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles. The vehicles will support about 24 new fueling stations and 35 existing stations.

Here are the projects involving companies, collaborations and counties investing in propane:

Ÿ (Allegheny County) Yellow Cab, which converted 14 taxis and shuttles to propane ($39,200)

Ÿ The (Delaware) Tinicum Township Propane Vehicle Conversion Initiative/Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities, with partners Tinicum Township (converted eight police vehicles to propane), Colonial Airport Parking and Park & Jet (purchased a total of 26 propane shuttle vans) ($238,700)

Ÿ (Lancaster) Rhoads Energy, which converted 14 vehicles and purchased two vehicles to run on propane ($63,952)

Ÿ (Luzerne) United Parcel Service, which converted 50 delivery trucks to propane ($250,000)

Ÿ (Montour) Reichard Busing Co., which purchased five propane school buses ($23,750)

Ÿ O-Ring, with partners Paris Co. and Christoff Mitchell Petroleum, which converted 39 vehicles to propane bi-fuel and converted one to bi-fuel CNG ($160,145)

Ÿ (Somerset) Seven Springs Mountain Resort, which purchased five propane passenger buses ($33,580)

Ÿ Western Pennsylvania Alternative Fuel School Bus Program/Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities, which purchased 50 propane school buses ($250,000)

Ÿ Western Pennsylvania Alternative Fuel Vehicle Program/Pittsburgh Region Clean Cities, which purchased 33 propane and CNG vehicles, buses and shuttles ($216,192)

Ÿ (York) Anthem Propane Exchange, which purchased and converted 20 delivery trucks to propane ($220,500)

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