PERC creates tools that calculate the cost of using propane

October 28, 2014 By    

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) created a set of tools to make it easy to calculate the cost of using propane in the agriculture, commercial landscape, and on-road fleet markets.

The three tools — Propane Irrigation Engine Calculator, Propane Mower Calculator, and Propane Autogas Calculator — estimate potential fuel savings and return on investment when using propane instead of gasoline or diesel fuel. User can share their results via email.

Available in various formats, users with Internet access can operate the web tools here or download the calculators to their desktops. They also can download worksheets they can print and complete by hand for colleagues who do not have access to computers. For those who are computer-savvy, mobile applications are available for phones and tablets in the app stores for Apple and Android devices, according to PERC.

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