PERC offers manufactured housing incentive program

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The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is offering a new incentive program for manufactured housing.

Photo: JamesBrey/E+/Getty Images_ manufactured housing

Photo: JamesBrey/E+/Getty Images

The Manufactured Housing Retailer Incentive Program encourages propane suppliers to work with manufactured housing clients to include propane appliances in homes.

Each sales center location can receive up to $6,000 to install model homes containing propane appliances to help showcase the benefits of building with propane.

“This incentive program provides a great opportunity for manufactured housing retailers to access funds necessary to showcase propane and its benefits,” says Bryan Cordill, the director of residential and commercial business development at PERC. “Adding propane performance to homes is an important step in further reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing efficiency and resiliency.”

The funds will cover any increase in the cost of the model home to incorporate propane, including the cost to convert appliances, install the propane system and perform safety checks. Both the propane supplier and manufactured housing retailer are required to report sales of propane homes from the retailer on a semi-annual basis for three years.

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