Pest controller increases size of autogas fleet

July 10, 2012 By    

Lewis Pest Control, a small, family-owned pest management company that provides services to the Southeast, has invested in eight propane autogas trucks. The company expects to save more than $16,000 in fuel costs each year.

Alliance AutoGas converted the fleet vehicles, five of which were funded through the Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program.

Lewis Pest Control converted three Chevrolet 1500 trucks from gasoline to propane autogas back in 2008, and then received funding assistance through the autogas development program to convert two Chevrolet 2500s and three Ford F-150 trucks. Conversions of the five additional vehicles were completed last December.

Alliance AutoGas worked with Lewis to convert his first three vehicles, and it also provided the installations, fueling and customer support for the entire regional grant program. Local Chevrolet dealer Brooks Chevrolet became a certified Alliance AutoGas conversion center to complete the conversions.

Lewis Pest Control’s long-term plan is to fund autogas conversions for two additional vehicles every year.

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