Propane Council of Texas exhibits at landscaping expo

August 17, 2015 By    

The Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT) attended the Nursery/Landscape Expo hosted by the Texas Nursery & Landscape Association Aug. 13-15 in Dallas to educate landscapers on the environmental benefits of propane mowers.

According to ProCOT, propane eliminates several environmental threats when used to fuel commercial mowers because it does not contaminate groundwater or soil. ProCOT reports there are currently 17 propane mower manufacturers and 135 commercial propane mower models available either from factory or through conversion.

Jackie Mason, ProCOT’s education and marketing director, says landscapers who use propane mowers do not have to worry about lost labor hours from mowing restrictions on Ozone Action Days because propane mowers have lower emissions than traditional gasoline mowers. She says ProCOT offers landscapers incentives for switching to propane mowers, giving up to $1,000 per commercial propane mower converted.


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