Propane industry celebrates National Forklift Safety Day

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The Industrial Truck Association (ITA) celebrated National Forklift Safety Day with a virtual and in-person event at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to discuss the updated forklift safety guidelines from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Brian Feehan, president of ITA, started National Forklift Safety Day to bring broader awareness to lift truck safety and operator training issues.

AmeriGas, a propane retailer associate member of the ITA, recognizes the importance of operating propane-powered forklifts safely every day.

“Propane is a safe, clean, environmentally friendly alternative fuel source for forklift operators,” says Dave Jones, a sales development manager at AmeriGas who specializes in motor fuel. “Safety is a core value at AmeriGas, and we are committed to helping ITA uphold their high safety standards when it comes to safe operation of forklifts.”

AmeriGas says it has a large network of propane specialists who can answer questions on forklift safety and conduct site visits for new customers to ensure safe setup of their propane-powered equipment.

The OSHA requirements and recommended practices include:

  • Do not refuel LPG-powered trucks in confined areas where LPG vapors could collect if a leak occurs.
  • Do not leave LPG-powered trucks near heat sources, stairways, exits or other egress areas.
  • When parking LPG-powered trucks for a long period of time, turn the service valve off.
  • Only trained and authorized personnel should replace LPG containers.
  • Follow proper procedures for storing and handling liquid petroleum gas.

More information about forklift safety can be found on OSHA’s Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklift) eTool and Powered Industrial Trucks – Forklifts page.

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