Propane Personality: GPA Midstream leader Joel Moxley

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Joel Moxley

Joel Moxley is the president and CEO of the GPA Midstream Association. Photo courtesy of GPA Midstream


Rice University
Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering
Class of 1980


July 2019-Present
GPA Midstream Association
⦁ President and CEO
Southcross Energy Partners
⦁ Senior Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer
Crestwood Midstream Partners/Crestwood Equity Partners
⦁ Senior Vice President, Operations Services
⦁ Chief Operating Officer
⦁ Private Equity Deal Team Member
Crosstex Energy Services LP
⦁ Senior Vice President
Valero Energy Corp. / PG&E Gas Transmission / El Paso Field Services / Enterprise Products
⦁ Employment tenure was consecutive with these four companies; transitioned with asset sales, holding manager/director, vice president and senior vice president positions

Moxley has viewed the midstream industry from varying angles. He’s a former chairman of the association, the stint coming in 2013-15 while with Crestwood, and now leads the group from the inside. “It’s been fun and a challenge to learn about GPA Midstream on the inside.”

Midstream messaging

GPA Midstream is considering how its messaging will help curtail the anti-fossil fuel sentiment from environmentalists and the actions being taken by regulatory bodies in pockets of the country. Moxley wants to focus on positivity and transparency. “We have nothing to hide,” he says. “We want to tell the public we are a vital industry and environmentally conscious about what we do.”

More messaging

⦁ “We believe natural gas, propane and the midstream business will be part of the answer for a long time,” Moxley says. “We just need to get that message out.”
⦁ “Pipelines are not your enemies. They are your friends. They help you get your product to where you need it.”
⦁ “We’re going to try to focus more on social media.”

‘We matter’

GPA Midstream commissioned a study from the Oklahoma State School of Business that will provide detailed information about the association’s makeup and help in its advocacy efforts. “We need to tell people who we are, look them in the eye and say we matter,” Moxley says.

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Photo courtesy of DCP Midstream

Propane production

The shale gas and oil boom in the last decade has resulted in propane production growth reaching 64 million gallons a day, with the potential for another 8.5 million gallons per day based on fractionation capacity, Moxley says. “There’s still going to be plenty of propane for you in the future,” Moxley told the Propane Education & Research Council in November 2019.


Moxley provided a detailed presentation for PERC about the midstream side of the energy business. He says midstream’s health is tied to upstream’s health, and the upstream business is struggling. Midstream equity offerings are at a 10-year low. “Midstream will be a tough place to play for the next few years, but it always has been and we always survive. We’re a tough bunch,” he says.

Looking ahead

In addition to its messaging push in 2020, Moxley looks for the association to continue to build its technical excellence and standards, and focus on safety, education and networking.


Walking and reading. Moxley has been a Houston Texans season ticket holder since their first season in 2002. “I’ve seen a lot of bad football games,” he says.

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