Propane vapor injection system creates secondary diesel burn

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LP Energy SystemsLP Energy Systems says its dual-fuel system can be installed on any mobile or stationary diesel engine. According to the company, its system does not tap into a fuel injection system. Instead, the system injects propane in vapor form into the air intake valve. Diesel is injected into the air intake before the turbocharger. Propane is then mixed with the combustion air, causing an instantaneous secondary burn of the diesel in each compression stroke, LP Energy Systems says. The company adds that this method increases the efficiency of the diesel burn from about 75 percent to about 95 percent. The method also increases the combustion efficiency of the engine and burns diesel fuel that would otherwise be exhausted. If an operator runs out of propane, the engine simply reverts to running completely on diesel until the propane tank is refilled.

Photo: LP Energy Solutions

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