PSI purchases alternative fuel-injection system company

May 12, 2015 By    

Power Solutions International (PSI) acquired Bi-Phase Technologies LLC, an electronic fuel-injection system manufacturer that was a private subsidiary of The Schwan Food Co.

According to a press release, Bi-Phase Technologies designs and manufactures electronic fuel-injection systems that enable liquid propane to fuel gasoline engines. Bi-Phase Technologies developed a liquid propane fuel-injection prototype in 1994, and Schwan purchased the company five years later to use the technology on its fleet of propane-powered home-delivery trucks.

As a part of the agreement, PSI will continue to provide Schwan’s fleet with Bi-Phase Technologies systems.

PSI currently uses the Bi-Phase Technologies fuel-injection system on the Navistar IC CE Series propane school bus, a new Alkane truck and the Capacity TJ5000 LP terminal tractor. PSI also recently acquired Powertrain Integration.

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