Ray Energy opens new terminal and bulk plant facility

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Ray Energy Corp.’s new rail and truck terminal is set to distribute 30 million gallons of propane a year from its new plant located on the border of New York and Vermont.

One hundred propane professionals, community leaders and elected officials attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the facility, which is designed to store as much as 820,000 gallons of propane. The proprietary bulk plant will ease distribution bottlenecks and maximize efficiency for customers throughout the Northeast who have struggled to keep up with supply as demand for propane increases in the region, the company says.

Ray Energy CEO Ken Ray described the facility as a world-class distribution center.

“We are going to save a tremendous amount of miles on the rail as well as over the road and bring our product directly to the dealers in this region,” Ray says.

Ray Energy’s vice president of marketing, Stephen L. Heffron, explained that in recent years rail has accounted for up to 75 percent of propane distribution. The rail and truck terminal has two sets of rail tracks coming into the facility.

According to the wholesale midstream supplier, it can unload as many as 16 railcars a day and efficiently offload them onto bulk transport trucks.

“We can move this product in any direction where it is needed most,” Heffron says.

The new source of wholesale propane supply will be welcome news to dealers who were caught in short supply of propane during cold spells last winter. Ray believes the new plant will increase safety, efficiency and savings.

“As we are more efficient, the price to dealers is more efficient and in turn they have the ability to keep the price lower for folks in this region,” Ray says.

The planning and construction of the 21-acre facility gained strong support from the local community and elected officials. Ray Energy is a fourth-generation company founded in 1904.

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