Rebrand expands world LPG association’s scope

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The LPG industry’s representative on the world stage began 2024 with a new identity.

Logo: World Liquid Gas Association (WLGA) The World Liquid Gas Association, formerly the World LPG Association, continues to serve as the global voice of the LPG industry, but the new name reflects the expanded scope of its activities to include other products and blends under the banner of “liquid gases.”

The new identity rolls out to the public with a fresh logo and tagline, “Energy anywhere.”

According to CEO and Managing Director James Rockall in an email to members, the change “will allow us to more powerfully represent the interest of our membership and will open new doors for us.”

In its 2023 annual report, the organization cites research and advocacy in fossil-sourced and renewably sourced LPG and dimethyl ether (DME).

Key takeaways from LPG Week

The announcement follows the association’s LPG Week 2023, which took place in Rome under the banner “Just energy,” with a focus on the role LPG can play in ensuring no one is left behind in energy transitions around the world.

LPG Week 2023 drew 2,600 attendees. (Photo: ©Christophe PEUS)

LPG Week 2023 drew 2,600 attendees. (Photo: ©Christophe PEUS)

The event drew 2,600 participants and featured the World LPG Forum, European Liquid Gas Congress, Global Technology Conference and other meetings covering sustainable development, renewable liquid gas, power generation and safety.

  • Darryl Rogers of S&P Global reviewed decarbonization scenarios and implications for renewable liquid gas supply.
  • Examples from around the world showed how liquid gas can ensure just and equitable energy transitions. Government support for renewable liquid gas production and the avoidance of bans on applications are keys to success, LPG leaders shared. In the Global South, fossil-sourced LPG still contributes to decarbonization.
  • GTI Energy won the inaugural Global Science Conference with a paper on its Cool LPG technology, which converts biogas from landfills, agricultural facilities, wastewater treatment plants and potentially municipal solid waste into renewable liquid fuels for cooking, heating and transportation.
  • Mexico-based Waddi won the World LPG Challenge startup competition. The company helps small and mid-sized businesses improve operations with an AI-enabled platform.
  • Polar Power, a California-based provider of hybrid and custom power systems, won the 2023 Innovation Award at the Global Technology Conference (GTC) for a paper on LPG solar hybrid systems in telecom and other markets. The runner-up was Amtrol-Alfa, a Worthington Enterprises company. Oberon Fuels earned a GTC award in the renewables category.

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