Relief valve provides overpressure protection for bulk plant applications

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Emerson Process ManagementThe Fisher Type 63EGLP relief valve for bulk storage tanks is typically used on propane tanks that are at least 30,000 gallons. According to Emerson Process Management, the Type 63EGLP offers several benefits over traditional multi-port relief valves, including a 40 percent increase in relief capacity, a 20 percent weight reduction for easier installation, and reduced maintenance costs. The Underwriters Laboratories-certified relief valve is approved for bulk propane storage relief installations that are compliant with NFPA 58. Tanks of 90,000 gallons or more require only two Type 63EGLP valves, the company says. The relief valve’s dual-pilot design provides high-accuracy relief and the ability to service one pilot while the second pilot controls the relief valve for uninterrupted relief protection, the company adds.

Photo: Emerson Process Management

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  1. Robert Thistel says:

    Where are they made? Nationally or internationally?