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Headshot: Robert Finder


Each year, we ask LP Gas Growth Summit attendees about the steps they take to ensure the safety of employees and customers. We also ask partners how they can help retailers with safety-related solutions. Here are some of their responses from last year’s event:

Headshot: Butch Carper


“Safety, obviously, is No. 1. We want everybody to come to work in a safe fashion. We want everybody to go home the same way that they arrived to work. We do weekly meetings with all of our driving staff and even our office staff where we talk about safety topics and instruct them on proper procedures and processes as it relates to safety within the propane industry. We also have two all-team meetings throughout the year where we also address all the safety issues. We do a lot of training with local fire departments as well. We’re engaged in our community, training in propane safety as well.”
– Robert Finder, Arizona Propane

Mark Zimora


“We do monthly safety meetings. We also use PERC’s LMS (learning management system) training. We are assigning training modules to our employees constantly. In our safety meetings, we are constantly going over what we need to do when a person runs out of gas: leak checks, system overviews, driver training. Of course, when we’re training our employees and they’re doing things safe, [that], in turn, makes what we’re doing at the customer’s house safe.”
– Butch Carper, Rutland Bottle Gas, Ohio and West Virginia

“Safety is core to our industry. Using a poker terminology: It’s table stakes. It needs to be in everything that we do. We need to be champions of safety in each and every activity that we have with customers and every activity that we have with our co-workers.”
– Mark Zimora, Tankfarm

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