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NFPA 58 code changes in progress

By  - Posted on 12 Nov 2021 in Blue Flame Blog & Current Issue & From the Magazine.

The NFPA Technical Committee on Liquefied Petroleum Gases is making changes to the LP gas code that will result in a new edition of NFPA 58 in 2023. Read more»

Addressing areas of NFPA 58’s LP Gas Code an ongoing process

By  - Posted on 20 Aug 2020 in Blue Flame Blog & Current Issue.

Richard Fredenberg describes some early-stage activity that will lead to changes in the next edition of NFPA 58. Read more»

NFPA 58 update specifies documentation of face seal inspections

By  - Posted on 02 Jul 2020 in Blue Flame Blog & Current Issue.

The 2020 Edition of NFPA 58 includes procedures for inspecting the face seal for damage prior to filling a propane cylinder. Read more»

New NFPA 58 guidelines change autogas refueling process

By  - Posted on 27 Dec 2019 in News.

NFPA 58 2020 guidelines specify the propane industry adopt the K15 connection for all future autogas vehicles after Jan. 1, 2020. Read more»

2020 NFPA 58 requires face seal inspection

By  - Posted on 23 Dec 2019 in Current Issue & Featured.

Changes to NFPA 58 in 2020 require propane marketers to inspect the face seal on overfill protection device valves on propane cylinders. Read more»

NFPA 58 updates to know in 2020

By  - Posted on 19 Nov 2019 in Current Issue & Featured.

Richard Fredenburg explains what propane retailers should expect from the 2020 edition of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code (NFPA 58). Read more»

Understanding the change process for NFPA 58: Part II

By  - Posted on 03 Apr 2019 in Blue Flame Blog.

Here's what has taken place in the change process for the NFPA 58: Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code since my last article in June 2018. Read more»

Understanding the change process for NFPA 58

By  - Posted on 25 Jun 2018 in Current Issue & Featured.

LP Gas takes a look at the change process for the NFPA 58 Liquified Petroleum Gas Code. Read more»

New training requirements set forth in NFPA 58

By and  - Posted on 25 Feb 2014 in Current Issue.

Are you aware of the latest changes and clarifications in NFPA 58? The training of employees is an important part of running a successful and safe propane operation. I periodically... Read more»

National propane association VP cowrote first NFPA 58 handbook

By  - Posted on 26 Mar 2013 in Current Issue & Hall of Fame.

Walter H. Johnson has earned some distinctive titles throughout his fruitful 92 years, including 40 in the LP gas industry. Read more»