Smart meter collects, transmits data through the cloud

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Bergquist is partnering with Cavagna Group to unveil the Mesura Smart Meter. The LPG meter was developed by Mesura Metering, the Cavagna Group subsidiary entrusted with developing its metering division. The meter integrates Semtech’s LoRa devices to connect to a cloud platform. Cloud access allows the meter to send usage data directly to the LPG utility facility. Companies who manage multiple LPG networks are provided with clear data based on specific measurements. The smart meter removes manual calculations from data collection, allowing for a more streamlined billing process free of estimates or human error, Bergquist says. The smart meter also allows consumers to pre-pay based on their LPG needs. Through LoRa, gas companies are notified of non-paying customers or system malfunctions promptly.

Photo courtesy of Cavagna Group

Photo courtesy of Cavagna Group

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