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Year-end bill to impact energy industry for years to come

February 3, 2016 By

EPA rules look to change how the US generates electricity

October 2, 2015 By

President acting on promise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

May 1, 2015 By and

Capitol Building

Republican victory changes landscape on energy, environmental issues

December 31, 2014 By and

Energy issues are at the forefront of many congressional races

July 5, 2014 By and

President executing far-reaching orders on climate change initiatives

April 1, 2014 By and

Wrangling on health care law damages legislative agendas

December 11, 2013 By

Second-term agenda once full of promise now clouded in controversies

June 6, 2013 By

Energy on backburner, but pipeline possibilities aplenty

April 17, 2013 By

Energy developments abound despite ongoing budget, deficit issues

November 6, 2012 By