Tank monitoring system transmits info to smartphones, tablets

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Technology Assurance Labs Technology Assurance Labs offers the Overhead Wireless Logic System (OWL), which automatically records and transmits to a laptop, tablet or smartphone the amount of propane remaining in a tank. The radio network operates in a licensed frequency band to avoid interference and has a 20-year battery life, according to the company. Tank data is collected and stored in the cloud and presented through a web-based software-as-a-service portal or can be integrated into back-office systems. The system provides alerts and alarms based on customizable rules, as well as historical usage and charting. OWL offers the ability to send monthly usage invoices as well, to make it easy for propane retailers to provide a “pay as you go” service, the company says.

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  1. A.j. Waquie says:

    I have questions about the device of the specifics of connections on the tank. For example, does it connect to the liquid level gauge? What software, if any, is required to enable and alert a smart phone of the current percentage in the tank?

  2. Justin King says:

    How much does each monitor cost

  3. michael sheehan says:

    sheehans gas co bird island minn send more info. are they 3G or 2G wireless

  4. michael sheehan says:

    send me more info