Top Line Management to support propane industry businesses

October 3, 2022 By    
Ed Varney


Ed Varney, a longtime member of the propane industry, launched his own consulting company, Top Line Management.

With more than 30 years of experience across multiple industries, Varney shared with LP Gas that he is ready to offer his expertise and guidance to those interested in growing their businesses.

“I’ve been in sales for most of my life, and I’ve learned a lot over the years,” he says. “At this point, what I really would like to do is put all my experience and knowledge to use and help more people.”

Top Line Management’s mission is to help companies grow their business through sales and sales management, Varney says.

“You’ve got technology, economics and politics changing the whole wide world,” says Varney. “So, I do my research and my homework, and with my experiences I come up with solutions for people who need it.”

When it comes to the propane business, Varney wants to help propane distributors and wholesalers identify the consumers’ needs and keep up with technological advancement.

“Specifically, in the propane business, I think anyone in this industry is selling to a consumer or selling in the business,” he says. “As a distributor or wholesaler, they have to truly understand what the consumers’ needs are.”

The consulting company’s long-term vision is to aid businesses in keeping up with both the demands of the consumer and the rapidly growing industry.

“There’s so many changes within the economic situation, and technology is huge,” Varney says. “How to use technology to reduce expenses and do more with less money is what I want to help industry professionals achieve.”

About the Author:

Jesse Khalil was an intern at LP Gas magazine.

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