Trigon to repurpose terminal for Canadian LPG exports

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Trigon Pacific Terminals Ltd. plans to redevelop a portion of its existing coal facilities in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada, for LP gas exports.

The proposed Trigon Pacific LPG Project will create a more diversified, open-market LPG supply chain and additional export capacity without the need to develop new land or build a berth, according to the company. In repurposing existing infrastructure and developed land, Trigon plans to add upwards of 32 million gallons of LPG storage capacity.

“Our aim with this project is to transition Trigon’s operations to lower carbon products while providing the best opportunity for Canadian producers to reach market,” says Rob Booker, CEO of Trigon. “With the upcoming ban on thermal coal exports starting in 2030, taking advantage of the available terminal capacity and infrastructure, combined with our experience handling propane, the Trigon LPG Project simply makes sense.”

Trigon has completed preliminary design work and, subject to regulatory and other approvals, anticipates being ready to start operations by late 2027.

Trigon LPG would use the terminal’s existing rail yard, coupled with new rail-unloading facilities, to provide complete unit train unloading. With Trigon gaining full use of the LPG loading arms on its existing berth in January 2024, the company says it wouldn’t need to build additional marine-loading infrastructure. This will allow its second berth, currently under construction, to accommodate other commodities, such as low-carbon hydrogen-as-ammonia.

“We are committed to maintaining Trigon’s long-term viability and the skilled, local union jobs that come with that,” Booker adds. “By reusing existing infrastructure to build a project with the smallest environmental footprint possible of any new proposed LPG export facility in Canada, Trigon is able to offer a competitive choice while also setting a high bar for future projects.”

Trigon says it is in active dialogue with Canadian producers and overseas customers who are supportive of a new LPG export hub.

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