UPAS Group achieves more than 25 member companies

August 10, 2016 By    

UPAS Group logoThe United Propane AutoGas Solutions Group (UPAS Group) has attained 26 member companies since its inception, according to the network.

UPAS launched in October 2015 when Icom North America, Imega International USA and Industrial Propane Service partnered to form the group, with a focus to grow the autogas market in the United States.

UPAS Group is composed of propane fuel suppliers, fleet partners, autogas fuel system manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers and dealers, autogas fuel station builders, autogas equipment suppliers, autogas system installation and service centers, and small engine manufacturers.

“The group has been in the works for a while,” says Samantha Davis, director of marketing at UPAS Group. “We had our first big show [at the Propane Expo] in Nashville, Tenn. That was when we really started talking to propane marketers.”

UPAS members include propane marketers and equipment manufacturers that are focused on promoting the growth of the autogas market. Member companies include:

  • Arro Autogas (propane marketer and vehicle system dealer member)
  • Blackmer, part of PSG
  • Certified Propane
  • Co-Alliance
  • Crystal Flash
  • Cusson Automotive
  • Eastern Propane Gas Inc.
  • Energy Distribution Partners
  • The Energy Cooperative
  • EnergyUnited Propane
  • Georgia Gas Distributors
  • Hocon Gas
  • Icom North America
  • Industrial Propane Service
  • IPS Equipment
  • Lictus Propane
  • Matheson Tri-Gas
  • Precision Sales & Service Inc.
  • Propane AutoGas LLC
  • Propane People Inc.
  • Rhoads Energy
  • Sams Gas
  • Signature Truck Systems
  • Teeco Products Inc.
  • Wilson Oil & Propane
  • Wolff Specialties

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