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Photo courtesy of ValvTect Petroleum Products

At the NPGA’s Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo, ValvTect will provide complete information on the benefits of marketing, selling and using Lumin LPG additives with CH25X Technology to create a Premium LPG program. BlueMoon filtration systems will also be on display.

Lumin LPG additives with CH25X® Technology is a Premium LPG product that helps cut costs and improves productivity. Premium LPG with Lumin boosts power output, improves fuel economy, reduces emissions and decreases downtime and maintenance expenses to help improve your bottom line and differentiate your business from your competition. A full compliment of merchandising materials including pump identification, tank labels and sales flyers are available. Optional BlueMoon filtration systems can help remove particulates and other contaminants to keep fuel systems running clean.

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